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The Clarke Eco-Tier™ Index

We are the only company to rank our products, equipment, and services by their impact on their environment. This framework guides our development for future offerings and allows our customers and their communities to understand that they have options.

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Application Data Flushes

Application Equipment


Advantages of Clarke Application Equipment


  • On-site maintenance visits to calibrate your equipment, ensuring optimal performance
  • Choose from gas or electric equipment
  • Unmatched craftsmanship
  • Easy parts ordering
  • User friendly operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Technical support hotline
  • Strict quality control
  • Easy installation



This cold aerosol ULV generator sets the standard for professional equipment.  An 18 HP OHV engine combined with the powerful features you demand make the Grizzly® the ideal choice for the big, tough jobs.

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The Cougar® provides the professional performance of larger ULV units in an economical size and price. This ULV cold aerosol generator is lightweight and easy to operate. It features a high output rate, while operating efficiently and reliably.

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promistdura 1800e copy

This quiet, versatile electric ULV sprayer has been redesigned, focusing on flexibility and durability.  With a new modular system the PromistDura can easily be configured for your preferences.  This electric sprayer is extra tough, has a newly designed sprayhead and sleeve and many extras like quick-connect ports for easy use.

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(International Only)

The 1800E is the WHOPES approved equipment choice for mosquito control, public health and odor control. Featuring application rates up to 0.53 liters/minute (18oz./min), the 1800E has a "Dengue Nozzle" that provides farther horizontal and vertical throw than traditional nozzles making this sprayer perfect for dengue applications.

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Maruyama Backpack MD155DX

The MD155DX Mist/Duster features a Kawasaki 40.2 cc commercial two-cycle engine and comes standard with both mister and duster chemical tanks.  Conversion from duster to mister can be done easily in a matter of minutes.

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SmartFlow II

Exclusive to Clarke, SmartFlow II allows operators to identify at a glance the amount of chemical left in the tank, amount of chemical used, miles and acres sprayed. It is compatible with GPS data-collection devices and now is equipped with a new faster processor.

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Data Management Systems


Clarke proudly distributes data management systems from Electronic Data Solutions, (EDS), a leading developer of GIS/GPS software applications and supplier of field data collection instrumentation.  With a variety of options, we can help you find a system that works best for your mosquito control operation.  The EDS product line provides complete and scalable solutions for recording, mapping, managing and reporting data.


Sentinel™ GIS

This software package feature mobile GIS that automatically synchronizes with a desktop GIS for seamless transfer of information that's critical for managing and recording data for mosquito control.  And, no GIS experience is required to get the field data collected.  Click here for more information.


 FieldSeeker™ GIS

Leveraging Esri ArcGIS, FieldSeeker provides users with simple, intuitive tools for recording and finding data related to mosquito control activities.  Tools for collecting and reporting data pertaining to larviciding, adulticiding, surveillance and service requests are included.  Click here for more information.




FlightMaster™ is a next generation guidance system utilizing a proprietary drift compensation module that computes numerous variables to optimally determine flight line offset requirements for adulticide spraying, delivering unprecedented aerial application accuracy.



Field and surveillance equipment


Advantages of Clarke Surveillance Tools:


  • Wide assortment of traps and tools
  • Manufactured using the finest materials
  • Adult Traps and Trap Accessories
  • CO2 Equipment
  • Insect Rearing
  • Larvae Collection


Adult Traps and Trap Accessories

ABC Basic Light Trap (with electronics)

ABC Standard trap collection net

ABC Trap Kit 1

ABC Trap Kit with CO2 (Dry Ice)

ABC Trap Kit with CO2 (Tank)

Battery Charger for 6 and 12 Volt Batteries

CDC Gravid Trap 4

CDC Gravid Trap 6V

CDC Miniature Light Trap 4

CDC Miniature Light Trap 6V

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .004

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .005

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .007

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .010

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .012

CO2 Tank Regulator 1

CO2 Tank Regulators 2

CO2 Trap Swivel Adaptor 1/4"

D-Cell Battery Case

Female Luer Fittings

Gel-Cell Batteries

Lid Adapter for CDC Trap

Net Props

NJ Light Trap

Plastic Killing Jar with Connecting Sleeve

Polymer Lid for use with or without CO2 tanks

Polymer Lid with 2 Liter Insulated Dry Ice Container

Single Ring Net Bag

Updraft Lid Adapter

CO2 Equipment

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .004

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .005

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .007

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .010

CO2 Flow Rate Orifice .012

CO2 Tank Regulator 1

CO2 Tank Regulators 2

CO2 Trap Swivel Adaptor 1/4"

Female Luer Fittings

Flowset 1

Flowset 2

Male Luer Fitting


Insect Rearing

Emergence Lid

Jar Tray

Large Aquatic Pipette

Larval Tray

Magnifier Lamp

Mechanical Aspirator

Polypropelyne Jar with Lid

Polystyrene Jar with Lid

Sieve Set

Small Aquatic Pipette

Larvae Collection

Clarke Dipper

Dipper Without Handle

Large Aquatic Pipette

Larvae Collection Kit

Larvae Sample Kit 1

Larvae Sample Kit 2

Larval Tray

Polypropelyne Jar with Lid

Polystyrene Jar with Lid

Sieve Set

Small Aquatic Pipette

Wash Bottle

Waterproof Flashlight

Waterproof Notepad

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Diluents and Equipment Flushes


Envirotech ULV Diluent Oil

A high quality, odorless mineral oil diluent that aids in uniform droplet characterization.


Extends the life of your gas-powered or electric ULV equipment. Use Proflush to rid the system of any chemical residue from an application.

ULV Flushing Solution

Formulated specifically for flushing ULV cold aerosol generators, this dissolves all types of residues from insecticides used for mosquito adulticiding.