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Integrated Environmental Management - Clarke

Clarke Integrated Environmental Management (IEM)

Our gold standard, the Integrated Environmental Management* program combines the full-service benefits of our Integrated Pest Management* (IPM) and Integrated Aquatic Management* (IAM) programs to deliver the most comprehensive management program in the industry. We take into account every aspect of your mosquito control and aquatic needs, allowing us to develop a solution that’s balanced for your total environmental condition. This holistic approach allows you to get maximum results while eliminating concerns of using excess or unnecessary products. That’s good for you, and good for the environment.


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Providing eco-responsible choices.
40% of our service customers' catch basins are now treated via bicycle.

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Integrated Pest Management

A mosquito control program that delivers effective, economical solutions while balancing environmental responsibility.

Integrated Aquatic Management

Improves and preserves the health and beauty of your waters through services including weed control and aeration.

Integrated Environmental Management

Combines the services of IPM and IAM to better manage the comfort and aesthetics of environments, from communities to backyards.

How IEM Benefits You

Our Most Comprehensive Service

Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) is our combined, full-service program that rolls both our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Aquatic Management (IAM) programs into one. Clarke’s IEM offering is the industry’s most comprehensive management program that helps provide you with more livable, safe and comfortable environments.

A Holistic Approach

IEM takes into account every aspect of your mosquito control and aquatic needs. This allows us to optimally control mosquito breeding habitats and adult populations, while simultaneously maintaining water environments that are healthy and aesthetically pleasing. This unique, holistic approach delivers the results you desire while helping minimize environmental impact.

One Company

No more reasons to deal with multiple vendors. With one call to Clarke, we’ll coordinate our team of experts to assess, implement and monitor every aspect of your needs. Because of the efficiencies resulting from this integrated management program, you can save time and money.

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