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Aquatic Services - Clarke

Aquatic Services

Clarke’s team of aquatic experts is dedicated to helping you preserve and enhance the health and beauty of your ponds, lakes, waterways and water gardens. From weed-eliminating herbicides to oxygen-generating aeration systems, we offer the products and services* that can optimize your water’s healthy balance.


Mosquito Abatement Districts, Municipalities and Local Governments, Public Health, Businesses and Private Organizations, Residential


Ponds, Water Gardens, Waterways, Canals, Lakes


Backpack, Boats, Airboats


Conserve™ Precision Aquatic Application System

Right Information
Precision Application
Real-time Data
Comprehensive Reporting

Full Service Programs

Integrated Aquatic Management (IAM) Program

The responsibility of managing your water does not have to rest completely on your shoulders. Sign up for our Integrated Aquatic Management* (IAM) Program. Offering more than 20 years of full-service aquatic expertise, the Clarke team can help you:

  • enjoy peace of mind knowing Clarke is assessing, implementing and monitoring every aspect of your program
  • get highly effective and efficient turn-key solutions
  • enhance the habitat for fish and beneficial organisms
  • improve your property's aesthetics
» Learn more about our full-service IAM

Self-Managed Programs

If you’re not yet ready for our full-service IAM program, Clarke can consult with and assist you in a way that best fits your needs. Contact us to schedule an onsite visit, and together we’ll determine the optimal selection of services for you.

Weed and Algae Control

After careful assessment and identification, we then use EPA-registered products to target specific, undesirable weeds. Applications can be performed by ground, boat or helicopter, whichever is the most effective and efficient for your circumstances.

New Conserve™ Aquatic Management

Clarke’s Conserve is the most advanced and comprehensive aquatic management system available. From pre-treatment mapping….to precision application…to reporting, Conserve is breaking barriers in aquatic management.» Learn more about Conserve.

Aeration Systems

Whether it’s a state-of-the-art bottom diffuser system or beautiful fountain, Clarke can recommend, design and install an aerator as an effective element in your overall water management solution.  We offer options that will fit your needs and budget.


Clarke offers ongoing training to keep you and your staff up-to-speed on the latest aquatic trends, proper equipment usage, and cost-saving techniques.

» To learn about Clarke Training, please contact us
More Customized Services

We offer a wide range of additional services for waterways, lakes and ponds including: fish stocking, invasive species control, wetland mitigation, water garden maintenance and mussel control.

Clarke’s Unique Value


1. Most Extensive Capabilities


No one offers a greater breadth and depth of experience, expertise and resources than Clarke. We offer:

  • the widest selection of products, equipment and technology to fit your budget
  • the industry’s largest in-house staff of entomologists, biologists, environmental scientists, research and development scientists and equipment engineers
  • hands-on account management approach with scheduled or on-demand reporting
  • more liability coverage than any competitor
  • in-house Regulatory, Safety and Cartography departments



2. Environmentally Responsible


Because we are conscious of how our actions impact the Earth, we:

  • employ the most efficient application techniques available to minimize product usage without sacrificing efficacy
  • utilize electric rather than gas-powered equipment when available
  • apply product via foot power rather than vehicles when possible
  • are the only company that ranks our products, equipment and services by their impact on the environment
  • provide more sustainability understanding and options to customers and their communities



3. Tailored Solutions


We know that no two environments are exactly the same, therefore:

  • we approach each program as being unique
  • prior to any recommendation we inspect, survey and analyze every aspect of your conditions
  • we present you with a tailored recommendation rather than a pre-packed solution
  • you receive the most effective and efficient program possible

*Please contact us for Aquatic Services availability.