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Emergency Services - Clarke

Emergency Services

When hurricanes, flooding or a sudden outbreak of mosquito borne diseases occur, the rapid response of a safe and proven emergency program becomes essential. That’s why federal, state and local governments have relied on the combined expertise of Clarke and Dynamic Aviation. Together our Emergency Services* program offers a proven record that soars above the rest.


Federal, State and Local Governments


Throughout the United States


Airplane, Helicopter, Truck


in the spotlight

Responding quicker than anyone.
We treated over 4 million acres after 2008's big storms.

Guarding the Health of Millions of Citizens

Some of our significant accomplishments include:

2003 South Dakota suffered an outbreak of West Nile Virus. Within just four days of being contacted, Clarke and Dynamic began its application to 110,000 acres.

2004 FEMA contracted with us to treat over 4 million acres in Florida due to the hurricanes.

2005 We provided aerial ULV applications for mosquito and fly control to over 3 million acres in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

2006 More than 500,000 acres in Massachusetts were treated in just two evenings after the governor declared a state of emergency due to Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

2008 We treated over 4 million acres in just 5 days after Hurricane Dolly, Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Ike.

Benefits of Using our Team

  • We offer the largest fleet and fastest response time in the industry
  • "Pre-disaster Contracts" can be signed, allowing us even quicker response time following a crisis
  • The twin engine King Air aircraft used by Dynamic Aviation is ideal for metropolitan congested area missions because of its single-engine climb capability and quiet operation
  • On-board GPS guidance enables not only accurate block application but also increases post-mission mapping, analysis and audit reporting
  • Clarke products that are time-tested for use in effectively controlling large-scale outbreaks due to natural disasters

Our Program Advantages

Broadest insurance coverage in industry
  • Provide aviation liability, commercial general liability, pollution liability and umbrella coverage
  • Plus, name your organization as "additionally insured"
  • Worker comp and auto coverage
Capable of treating 20,000 acres per hour per aircraft
  • Scheduled or on-demand application
  • Pesticide purchase, storage and loading (all in compliance with Federal and State guidelines)
  • Capable of applying any adulticide
  • Pesticide flow metering
FAA Part 137-compliant, twin-engine, turbine powered aircraft (Beechcraft King Air) provides a superior margin of safety
  • FAA approved congested area plans
  • Assistance with mapping
  • GPS guidance, flight recording , and post-mission documentation
  • Night vision capability with military grade goggles
Ground ULV fleet support
  • All trucks are equipped with 18HP ULV adulticiding equipment with variable flow control systems

*Please contact us for Emergency Services availability.