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Aquatic Management Services for Lakes, Ponds & Waterbodies

Healthy, native ecosystems are active and ever-changing, with lakes and ponds that have unique characteristics and that require different types of maintenance to remain healthy. And since the health of our water resources is linked to our own well-being, treating them with the long-term impact in mind is simply a matter of public health.

Clarke Aquatic Services focuses on accurate diagnoses, science-backed strategies and remarkably precise treatments to ensure long-term water wellness. Our approach and dedication to Give Water Life helps create communities that are more livable, comfortable and safe.

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Management Strategies and Maintenance for Lakes, Ponds and Waterways

Clarke’s custom maintenance services and management plans for lakes, ponds and other waterbodies include:

Clarke also offers custom services as may be appropriate for a given waterbody and its community’s needs.

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Offering Lake and Pond Services throughout the United States

Clarke Aquatic Services operates throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Florida regions. Explore our location pages below, or use our Find a Rep tool to contact your local aquatic consultant.

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Clarke Aquatic Services

Clarke offers a full-service line to meet all of your waterbody needs, whether that be a lake, pond, canal, marina or more and is backed by an experienced staff of freshwater ecologists, licensed applicators, certified lake manager and aquatic sales specialist.

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