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Fountain and Aerations Systems and Installation to Bring Balance to Your Ponds

Clarke offers comprehensive lake and pond aerator installation services and solutions. From assessing and diagnosing fountain needs to sourcing top aeration equipment, installing turnkey plans and providing services, our team of experts works to provide the best possible solution at the right price.

  • Lake and pond assessment and consultation
  • Distribution of aeration equipment from top manufactures
  • Initial installation as well as ongoing maintenance, repairs, and parts replacement
  • Winterization and seasonal storage of fountains and aerators
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What Types of Fountains and Aeration Systems are There?

Clarke’s decades of experience paired with our partnership with top manufacturers of aeration equipment allows us to find the right solution at the right price for your waterbody – whether that’s a system that’s above or below the water surface. Plus, our teams support fountain and aeration customers with reliable service to give you the peace of mind you are looking for on maintenance and repairs.

Depending on your location and unique needs, types of fountains and aeration systems may include:

Underwater aeration system

Floating Commercial Fountains & Aeration Diffusers

Fountains add beauty, appeal and value to your property, but also do a great job improving oxygen levels to enhance water quality and extend the natural life of your pond or lake. Fountains do need to be removed and winterized in cold-weather climates, a service that Clarke provides.

Small pond fountain

Sub-Surface Aeration Systems

Sub-surface aeration or diffuser systems help increase oxygen levels and circulate water from the bottom-up. Improved circulation prevents water stratification and contributes to overall water quality. It’s suitable for most water depths, but best for ponds and lakes with depths of 8 feet or more. These systems offer quiet operation and versatility in virtually any configuration. Even in cold-weather climates, sub-surface aerator systems can remain in your waterbody year-round.

Dock on a lake

Winter Deicers and Bubblers

For cold weather climates, deicers can prevent ice damage to permanent docks and create open water access for fish habitats. Deicers frequently attach to a dock and keep surface water circulating all winter to prevent freezing. Learn more about how deicing works and Clarke’s comprehensive approach to our wintertime clients here.

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What are the Benefits of Having a Fountain or Aeration System in Your Pond?

You are most likely already familiar with the concept of having a fountain in your ponds or lakes for aesthetic purposes, but these systems also help create and maintain a body of water that’s not pleasing to the eye, but healthy and functional.

Fountains and aeration systems work to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) in waterbodies which is critical to improving the quality of water, as well as:

  • Reduce organic sediment or muck
  • Break down nutrients causing harmful plant growth and algae blooms
  • Support aerobic digestion and oxidation
  • Improve fish habitat
  • Reduce midge and mosquito breeding
  • Contribute to the visual aesthetic lake or pond
  • Help increase property values
  • Mitigate odors
  • Support community satisfaction with the waterbody
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What Solution is Right for You?

Between the varied types of fountain and aeration systems – as well as the depth of factors that must be considered when choosing and designing an aeration plan – it can be hard to design an aeration system for a pond or small lake.

Luckily, Clarke’s team of experts brings years of expertise to designing and implementing fountain and aeration solutions for a variety of communities and waterbodies. Get started with an assessment from our team.

Spark Life into Your Waterbody with Clarke