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Deicing Systems to Protect and Maintain Docks, Marinas, and Permanent Structures

A properly designed and expertly installed system of deicing equipment, such as dock deicers or lake bubblers, is the most effective way to protect your marina’s permanent docks, boats and hoists from ice damage during the winter.

By planning ahead of falling temperatures, you can reduce the potential for structural damage and investment losses.

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Protect Your Docks and Lakes this Winter

Clarke Aquatic Services provides a comprehensive set of services to handle your deicing and winterization needs:

  • Permanent structure assessment and consultation
  • Distribution of deicing equipment from top manufacturers, such as dock deicers or lake bubblers
  • Initial installation as well as ongoing maintenance, repairs and parts replacement
  • Seasonal storage of fountains and aerators along with motor testing

What are the Benefits of Having a Deicing System for Your Marinas and Docks?

During the colder months, ice growth can cause significant damage to your permanent docks and infrastructure, including:

  • Warping of your dock
  • Breaking and heaving of the dock structure
  • Mechanical and structural damage to docked boats
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Installing a deicing system for your permanent lake structures and docks will go a long way toward preventing dock damage from ice. Deicing can be accomplished in several ways depending on the unique characteristics of your body of water. 

The two main types of deicers include:

  • Dock mounted deicing units or circulators, also known as Agitator Deicers or Dock Deicers
  • Subsurface aeration systems, also known as Bubble Deicers or Lake Bubblers
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What Solution is Right for You?

Learn more about the deicing process, protection against dock damage from ice and overall winterization needs for your docks by reading Clarke’s Guide to Deicing and Winterization and contact one of our experts to assess your community’s unique needs.

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