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Maintain Peak Performance for Your Fountains and Aeration Systems

An upgrade to your usual aeration services, Performance Care is an inspection and maintenance program designed to ensure your fountains and aeration equipment – from small lake aerators and diffusers to large pond aeration systems and fountain pumps – are always at peak performance.

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Year-Round Maintenance, Care and Storage for Fountain Equipment

Performance Care is available as a service upgrade for fountain and aeration systems that are winterized by Clarke.

The program provides comprehensive coverage during both the active and dormant seasons. In short, Clarke’s Performance Care program includes:

  • Spring installation and fall removal
  • Preventative, in-depth winter cleaning, inspection and storage
  • Three free on-call service visits (parts not included)
  • Eligibility for labor and parts discounts

Hassle-Free Maintenance for Fountains and Aeration Equipment

Fountains and aeration systems operate continually from the start of spring through the end of fall – which can take a toll on the mechanical health of the equipment. It’s not uncommon for fountains, aerators or diffusers to falter or shut down mid-season.

With Performance Care, you receive three on-call services each season at your discretion. While on-site for the service call, our team will inspect, clean, troubleshoot and repair any issues that can be handled “same day” by Clarke technicians while coordinating any off-site needs. As a Performance Care member, you also are eligible for discounts on labor, parts and new fountain and aerations equipment when applicable.

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Fountain in pond

Winter Inspection and Storage for Fountain and Aeration Equipment

Clarke’s Performance Care program extends beyond the summer months.

Our team will remove your equipment, conduct a complete cleaning and full system maintenance and then provide winter storage before re-installation in the spring – all included within the program.

  • Initial visual assessment
  • Engine “Megging”: done to check a motor’s insulation – and thus resistance – levels
  • Cable and panel evaluations
  • Thorough cleaning of motor, panels and other parts
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Ready to Take Your Fountains Out of Your Hands?

Performance Care ensures that your fountain and aeration equipment are always at peak performance during the season and professionally inspected and winterized for storage during the off-season.

Take the hassle out of your fountain and aeration equipment.

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