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Plant and Algae Control for Lakes, Ponds and More

The plants and algae in your ponds, lakes or other waterbodies are a critical part of keeping its water system balanced – helping improve overall water quality, provide oxygen, enhance fish and wildlife habitats, and create shorelines and littoral areas that serve as filters for runoff.

Clarke’s aquatic plant services help control nuisance species and overgrowth, creating a healthy body of water for the entire community.

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Preserve and Restore Water’s Natural Ecosystem

At Clarke, we realize that a healthy body of water is a source of life, a thing of beauty and a functional necessity in the environment. Our goal for aquatic plant management is to support a stable, diverse plant community by managing invasive species and weeds.

Clarke’s team of experts brings decades of experience and management practices rooted in science-based analysis, surveying and diagnosis, precision product application methods and ongoing monitoring supported by the best available technologies.

Clarke’s Aquatic Plant Management Capabilities


  • Aquatic plant and algae control
  • Invasive plant management
  • Harmful algae testing and mitigation
  • Stormwater system management
  • Littoral plantings and maintenance
  • Wetlands restoration and preserve maintenance
  • Fish stocking
  • Fountains and aeration equipment
  • Nutrient meditation
  • Lake management planning
  • Lake and pond surveying and mapping

Clarke’s Approach to Plant and Algae Management for Long-Term Control

1. Inspection and Assessment: The Clarke team conducts a visual inspection and identification of plants and algae, including basic water quality monitoring checks. Surveying and mapping of the water body may also be needed, depending on its size and unique characteristics.

2. Management Plan Design: Once the inspection and assessment are completed, a specific management program for your lake or pond can be designed, including recommendations for achieving long-term enhanced water quality.

Closeup of underwater algae
Hanging aquatic plants

3. Implementation: Our operations teams, consisting of professional, licensed aquatic pesticide applicators, implement the management plan using EPA-registered plant and algae control products in full compliance with the label and all local, state and federal regulations, including NPDES and the Endangered Species Act.

4. Monitoring Results: When you put your water body in our hands, we commit fully to the responsibility. Clarke’s team will implement the program, monitor progress, adjust as needed and keep stakeholders informed with detailed reports on applications available on-demand through the Clarke Customer Portal.

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Healthy Plants Make for a Healthy Waterbody

The breadth of ever-changing factors acting on waterbodies – such as recreational use, weather, run-off, nutrients and more – makes maintaining the plants and algae within your waterbodies challenging. Without having a tailored ongoing aquatic plant management plan in place, it is all too easy for these factors to go unnoticed, resulting in potentially disastrous and expensive outcomes.

Clarke’s team of experts brings decades of experience to each water body, working to meet the established goals and mitigate harmful outside effects on the entire water system.

Let’s Talk About Your Water’s Plants