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Precise, Targeted Product Application for Nuisance Plant Treatment in Lakes

A result of Clarke’s drive to optimize the health of water bodies with the least environmental impact possible, Conserve® is a proprietary technology that delivers precise applications of aquatic herbicides, algaecides and control products for nuisance aquatic plants and algae.

Utilizing GPS and sonar technology, the Conserve system pinpoints where applications are needed for control. It then efficiently targets product placement into the water column based on the plant species and densities, size and depth of the targeted areas as well as water flow – providing the most efficacious outcomes while minimizing non-target impacts and eliminating product waste.

How Clarke’s Conserve System Works:

The Conserve process works in three phases: Surveying and Mapping, Precise Application of Product then Data and Comprehensive Reporting.

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Survey and Mapping: Before any application, trained Clarke experts start with a detailed survey using traditional methods enhanced by GPS and sonar technology. This identifies the specific locations and growth densities of native species as well as problematic plant and algae growth for control strategizing.

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Precise Application of Product: After mapping and developing a strategy with product recommendations Clarke starts the treatment. The chosen product is applied to the water column using depth deployment lines and metered application technology to ensure the appropriate amount of product reaches the targeted treatment area.

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Data and Comprehensive Reporting: All application data is captured in real-time via Conserve’s onboard technology. Following project completion, this data is then delivered in an electronic report that meets or exceeds state requirements, including NPDES reporting stipulations.

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How Does Conserve Benefit Your Lakes?

With its technologically advanced mapping systems and precision application capabilities, the Conserve system provides:

  • Detailed strategy development and implementation
  • Optimized product usage and efficiency
  • Decreased impact on non-target species such as native plants and wildlife
  • Fast and responsive compliance reporting
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Savings and Sustainability in One Service

Clarke brings years of experience to each lake group we work with, paired with utilizing the most advanced GPS and sonar technology for mapping to more accurately target and treat— saving time and helping you maintain a balanced ecosystem with a minimum of external inputs, optimizing your water stewardship.

To learn more about the Conserve system or Clarke’s approach to enhancing your experience on your waterbody, send us a message.

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