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Unearth Multiple, High-Quality Data Points in One Mapping Session

Clarke is excited to be one of the first aquatic management practices to offer an upgrade to traditional mapping devices with the use of BioSonics systems.

Mapping and surveying utilizing a BioSonics echo sounder unit produces more accurate and detailed results with a variety of multiple types of data points in just one survey.

BioSonics Technology

What are the Advantages of a BioSonics Echo Sounder?

The BioSonics Echosounder system consists of hydroacoustic equipment, which operates from a slow-moving boat. It records bottom depth, submerged vegetation height and submerged vegetation density. This information is coupled with geographic location coordinates from a Global Positioning System (GPS) and stored together in digital files, representing submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) status and fish densities at points along transect lines. Programs such as Visual Analyzer and Visual Habitat are used to quantify bottom thickness and plant data.

Clarke’s on-staff Certified Lake Manager has over a decade of experience in handling this piece of equipment and provides in-house mapping tools with meaningful and actionable findings in addition to the bathymetric surveys, vegetation mapping, and substrate classification findings.

When Should You Upgrade to Using BioSonics Hydroacoustic Surveys?

For larger bodies of water such as lakes and rivers, BioSonics mapping’s data collection is important for assessing lake ecosystems, monitoring fish movement as well as lake and stream health.

This technology has proven to be an effective way to study various habitat influences, as well as to map and monitor important physical and seasonal habitat parameters and act as a fish echo sounder.

BioSonics Image Lake Mapping
BioSonics Image

BioSonics units are also particularly helpful for dredging analysis and planning and acting as a sediment mapping tool. Their technology is sensitive enough to determine exactly how much soft-sediment an area has, which makes for a much easier dredging bid and planning process.

BioSonics mapping provides the best solution for comprehensive waterbody mapping. If your lake or waterbody’s official bathymetry map has not been updated in ten years or more, Biosonic’s precise mapping methods will deliver up-to-date contours and depths.

Sample BioSonics Biovolume Map

An Example of a BioVolume Map made using Biosonics.

BioVolume maps combine the plant coverage and plant height maps to illustrate the percentage of the water column populated with plant life.

BioSonics Image
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Ready to Get Started?

Mapping and surveying unearth a wealth of knowledge that is key to aquatic plant management, weed control, dredging and much more.

The BioSonics technology allows for deeper results with multiple data points – all in one mapping session. To speak with one of our experts to see if BioSonics fits your community’s needs, contact our team below. Clarke Aquatic Services is here to help guide you in your waterbody management process.

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