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3 Value Points of Pond Fountains

written by
Jennifer Biancalana

Without question, fountains add visual and real value to your property. But they also add value beyond aesthetics. Here are three key benefits fountains bring to pond or lake health by increasing oxygen levels:

  1. More O2, less algae. That’s means less need for herbicide treatments.
  2. Decrease fish die-offs. Sunlight and decaying organic material consume oxygen in the water. In the heat of the summer, levels can plummet and cause a sudden fish kill.
  3. Increased O2 levels from fountains help increase and sustain benthic organisms that feed upon the decaying (and oxygen depleting) organic matter on the pond floor. Ah, the circle of life.

Summer is over and the algae blooms have faded. Why talk about fountains now? Because now is the time to plan for next season.

We offer a wide selection of fountains to fit any size pond or lake . . . and budget. Give us a call or drop an email to arrange for one of our team consultants to assess your pond’s needs and be ready for 2016.