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A man and his dog jogging along a lake

Water Pollution and Its Sources

The health of our water resources is linked to our well-being – treating them with a sense of long-term environmental responsibility is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also a matter of public health. In this article,…

A shallow, rocky area of a lake

Starry Stonewort: An Example of Invasive Aquatic Algae

Certified Lake Manager, Ashlee Haviland, walks through one of the less known impacts of invasive aquatic plants in waterbodies – the out competition of native plants and the impact on the operating ecosystem – below, using the well-known invasive starry stonewort as an example.

The Florida Canal System: An Essential to Coastal Living

The above maps paint two very different pictures of a community reliant on a storm water canal system. Canals are manmade waterways dug into wetlands, rivers and streams to divert waters – and the state of Florida has well over…

A dog on the shores of a lake

What is Water Quality Management – And What Goes into It?

Certified Lake Manager, Ashlee Haviland, walks through what constitutes water quality, water quality management, monitoring strategies and the key health indicators that are used to inform each of these.

Before and After of the Pond Combined

Plant Overgrowth, Algae, Muck – and Two Weeks Until a Wedding

How did our aquatics team get this background pond wedding-party-ready within a tight two-week deadline? Read on to find out.

An example of a floating fountain in a pond

The Types and Benefits of Aeration Systems for Ponds

An aeration system – which can include pond fountains, aerators, diffusers and more – is an easy, natural way to supply man-made and natural ponds with dissolved oxygen. Aquatic animals, such as fish and aquatic invertebrates, require DO to breathe and function.

A series of communities interconnected by a canal system.

Lakes, Ponds & Canals: The Guide to Hurricane Prep & Clean-Up

Members of Florida communities are likely well-aware of what goes into prepping in the event of a severe storm. But do you know that properly maintaining, preparing and recovering community waterways can prevent further damages and health risks?

Clarkes helicopter applying herbicide to phragmites in an aerial application.

A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites

Phragmites – otherwise known as the common reed – are an invasive, perennial tall grass often found in wetlands or surrounding ponds and lakes. This invasive species can spread quickly, choking out native plants and waterbodies.

A nitrate test.

Lake and Pond Management: What Data Should You Collect?

Whether you are a lake manager, part of a lake association board, or even a dockmaster, there is a lot that goes into the care and keeping of your lake – and a lot of information that goes along with this. But what information do you need to collect and track?

Clarkes custom dock deicing for a Lake Michigan community

The Guide to Winter Prep for Lakes & Ponds – From Winterization to Deicing

In this post, we will cover fountain winterization, basic dock maintenance for year-round as well as winter, deicing solutions and give an in-depth example of how a proper deicing solution can enhance a community and extend the enjoyment of lake resources.

An aquatic plant being manually pulled out of lakewater

6 Aquatic Plants in Lakes Across the Midwest

Have you ever looked across a lake, pond, or other waterway and wondered what lay below the waters? You might be surprised to learn that there is actually a wide variety of aquatic plants among and within the different regions of the United States.

The Guide to Florida’s Aquatic Plants: 10 Species Found in Florida

With freshwater, brackish water and saltwater spread among lakes, ponds, marshes, wetlands, streams, springs and much, much more, there is a lot of variety when it comes to aquatic plants in Florida.

An example of a floating dock

The Guide to Dock Maintenance

When you allow your dock to fall into disrepair, you end up impacting the waterbody’s recreational use, lowering property values and curtailing the life of the dock (and paying richly for it!).

Clarke Acquires Aquatic Services Inc.

Clarke Aquatic Services is Excited to Announce Our Acquisition of Aquatic Services Inc. in Eastern Michigan. This move has expanded our aquatic services into Eastern Michigan while bringing additional operational expertise and equipment.

Swimmers in a lake

What is Swimmer’s Itch – and How Can I Avoid It?

Swimmer’s itch is a rash caused by an allergic reaction to specific kinds of parasitic larvae that spawn within the freshwater body that’s being swum in. It isn’t contagious and it usually lasts only a week or so.

An example of a summer fish kill with multiple dead fish floating along a shore

The Guide to Fish Kills: What They Are & 6 Ways to Prevent Them

A \’fish kill\’ is an instance of many fish dying in a lake or pond. While it is unfortunately often too late to stop fish kills once you have observed the dead fish, there’s plenty that you can do to prevent future ones from occurring.

What’s a Certified Lake Manager?

A Certified Lake Manager (CLM) is directly involved in managing ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and other waterbodies – as well as their watersheds.

Phragmites along a pond.

Native and Invasive Aquatic Plants in Virginia

Virginia – and much of the mid-Atlantic – is characterized by a large breadth and depth of habitats, environments, temperatures and more. Today, we’re breaking down some of the aquatic plants you might swim into in Virginia.

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