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A flooded mangrove

Natular G30 as a Larval Pretreatment Option in the Cayman Islands: Product Stewardship and Partnership

Due to variable conditions surrounding the start of the island\’s rainy season—and mosquito breeding season—the  MRCU became interested in researching mosquito larvae pretreatment options. In particular, the viability of Clarke\’s Natular G30 as a pretreatment option for up to six weeks ahead of flooding and large tidal events that produce mosquito breeding conditions. 

Understanding Malaria Transmission: The Role of Mosquitoes

While considered rare within the United States today, malaria can be extremely common in humid, hot climates and is one of the highest-occurring vector diseases worldwide. Scroll to learn more about malaria, its transmission via mosquitoes, and methods for helping…

Clarke Operations: The Impact of PCR Lab Capabilities on Control and Application Decisions

While mosquito-borne diseases threaten human health worldwide, implementing an integrated mosquito management (IMM) system can go a long way toward mitigating those risks. Within the IMM network, the surveillance lever acts explicitly as a predecessor to larval or adult control…

clarke bg counter map illinois

Case Study: BG Counter Traps for Mosquito Population Monitoring in Illinois 

Clarke\’s latest case study reveals data on the environmental impact of implementing over 200 adult mosquito traps and Biogent’s BG Counters.

Leveraging Mosquito Industry Resources for Community Education

Each method of lake mapping – vegetation, bathymetric, and sedimentation/hardness mapping – provides unique insight into assessing areas of your waterbody that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, let alone enough understanding to properly plan and budget for.

What’s a Midge Fly – and How Can You Control Them?

…even is a midge fly? And how can you reduce them on your property? What’s a Midge Fly or ‘Blind Mosquito’? Midges refer to several species of small, non-mosquito flies….

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