Clarke Mosquito Control, the nation’s foremost mosquito control company, introduced today the FlightMaster™ Guidance System, the first aerial guidance system written exclusively for mosquito control. With FlightMaster™, adulticide spray flight lines are based on real-time modeling that determines optimal drift cloud movement through the target block. The system is designed to integrate exclusively with the Ag-Nav® GPS aerial guidance system, creating unprecedented aerial application accuracy.

“FlightMaster™ boasts groundbreaking precision to increase efficacy and accuracy while reducing risk,” said Dr. J. Lyell Clarke III, president of Clarke Mosquito Control. “This system is an important addition to the Clarke portfolio of products, and reinforces our commitment to provide customers with the latest technology and products with the least amount of environmental impact.”

Background and Benefits

FlightMaster™marries with the Ag-Nav guidance system to integrate a constant stream of meteorological and GPS data, coupled with proprietary computer modeling that takes into account the specific target species, adulticide, and aircraft being used.
Together with the Ag-Nav system, FLIGHTMASTER constantly refreshes data to determine the next flight line for operational sprays, making it immediately visible on screen before the pilot turns into the next pass. FlightMaster™ eliminates a “flying blind” situation for the pilot by providing real-time data to ensure effective control in the spray block.

With the control of FlightMaster™, it is possible to pre-program spray exclusion areas, obstacles, and other in-air concerns and track the data on a built-in hard drive. That data can then be integrated with Ag-Nav or the Clarke VCMS® data management system to create maps, tables, and charts specific to each program.

“FlightMaster™ is so small and lightweight, it can easily be taken in and out of the cockpit to download each mission’s data,” said Clarke. “It truly was designed with integration and convenience in mind.”

Clarke Mosquito Control led the development of FlightMaster™in collaboration with REMSpC Consulting, Ayr, Ontario, Canada, and Ag-Nav Inc., Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. FlightMaster™ will be used on spray missions by Clarke and its alliance partner, Dynamic Aviation.

Clarke Mosquito Control, based in Roselle, Ill., was founded in 1946 as a garage-based home business of mosquito control products and services. Today, Clarke has grown to have an international presence and utilizes an integrated, science-based approach to mosquito control services and products for residential, commercial and governmental customers. It is the largest company devoted to mosquito control in the United States, and has played a significant role in the country’s battle against West Nile Virus.