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Day of Caring: Volunteering Taking on New Meaning

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Every year, Clarke hosts a Day of Caring where we close our offices and all employees go out into their communities to volunteer. In support of our Sustainability Goal to give 3,500 hours of volunteer service annually, our Day of Caring allows every employee from our offices around the world to spend a day giving back to the community. It also gives us the opportunity to work together as a team no matter where we are.

This year, 236 employees participated in our Day of Caring program, which we held on July 21. Clarke worked at 18 different sites throughout 10 states and five countries—the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, India and Australia.

Our volunteer efforts were diverse and impactful. From general clean-up of parks and recreational areas, and weed removal at community centers; to planting plants, painting playground equipment and handling wildlife recovery and conservation efforts. In total, Clarke employees spent more than 1,800 hours during this one Day of Caring giving back to the communities we serve.

We believe there are three actions that drive our behavior as a company and as individuals: innovation, community and sustainability. Being active in and giving back to our communities is a core value. In an evolving ‘one foot forward’ focus, we’re discovering new ways to see business as a means to draw together and draw the best from people and the community.