Without question, the most powerful thing we’ve ever done to expand our company’s growth was conducting an Appreciative Inquiry AI). In short, Appreciative Inquiry builds upon your organization’s strengths and opportunities. . . . instead of focusing things that need fixing or improving.

Sounds simple.  But the value far exceeds the conceptual description.  In 2012 we hosted all of our employees and nearly 50 outside stakeholders to participate in our first Appreciative Inquiry. Yes, stakeholders.  From our bankers and insurance partners, to customers and key suppliers.  The result was a set of initiatives that ranged from the new product development to personal health and happiness.  They were truly propelling platforms that changed our culture.

Critical to the success was the implementation.  How many times have you done a brainstorming or S.W.O.T. session and all you have to show for it 6 months later is a set of folded up flip chart sheets?  The same could happen with an AI if you don’t follow through.

Somewhat out of frustration, and certainly need, we implemented a very methodical follow-up plan that maintained momentum.  If you have ever conducted an Appreciative Inquiry, or if you are considering one, learn how to get the most of it in this guide to “Making AI Stick. A simple approach for meaningful and lasting results from your Appreciative Inquiry.”