Natular G will be listed in the OMRI Products List, available at the OMRI website and circulated to subscribing certifiers and state programs.

This granular formulation joins the other natular products (excluding DT) that have successfully completed the OMRI Product Review process, complying with the OMRI Policy and Standards manual and the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

What this means is use of these Natular formulations in and around organic crop production will not endanger organic certification.

  • Natular XRG (listed in 2011 as Natular G30)
  • Natular T30
  • Natular XRT
  • Natular 2EC
  • Natular G

Natular formulations meet the criteria that make them an excellent choice for not only labeled environmentally-sensitive habitats but also for the growing number of communities with green or sustainable practice guidelines.