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PRINCIPLED: Our 2021 Sustainability Report

written by
Lyell Clarke
We are proud to publish our tenth sustainability report – a report that summarizes our progress against our current sustainability goal set and highlights our key efforts and areas of growth over the reporting period of 2020 and 2021.

The past few years were marked by the onset of the COVID pandemic, global supply chain disruptions and other challenges unprecedented in our own 75-year history, as well as in those of our coworkers, customers, partners and communities. As we were preparing this report, a common thread emerged from the myriad of stories Clarke coworkers shared with us. As our organization navigated the challenges and still managed to continue our trajectory of growth during this time, each of us was led by our Guiding Principles.

Our Guiding Principles were created back in 2018 when Clarke coworkers came together to create a set of principles to guide our actions and endeavors – shaping how we interact with each other, our partners, stakeholders and the communities that we serve. As these principles resonated in each and every story of our 2021 Sustainability Report, it made sense to title this report PRINCIPLED and to use the report as an opportunity to introduce our Guiding Principles for the first time to our external stakeholders.

Here are just a few highlights of our achievements over the past two years:

  1. We were awarded two LEED Certifications for our St. Charles, Illinois, headquarters and our Roselle, Illinois, Flourishing Garden facility.
  2. We saw an 86% coworker participation rate in our Biometrics Screening program, a 10% increase over 2019 despite pandemic restrictions.
  3. We trained over 30,000 Brazilian municipal health agents on using Clarke’s Natular® DT and Cielo® Space Spray products to protect communities from Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.
  4. We maintained our 100% Carbon Neutral status in Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  5. And we successfully navigated a unique packaging and distribution challenge – one of the toughest tests we’ve faced in the history of our company.

We know that all of our customers have choices for partners on mosquito control or aquatic management solutions, and we are grateful every time when we are the provider of choice. We compile and share these reports in hope that they reinforce the merits of a partnership with Clarke and highlight the importance of balancing our collective work to protect public health with a lasting commitment to environmental protection.

Please view our latest report, PRINCIPLED, here.

Thank you,

Lyell Clarke, PhD
Chairman, President & CEO