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BG-Sentinel 2 Trap

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BG Sentinel

Biogents BG Sentinel Trap (Full Version) Contents

  • Pop-up body
  • Plastic cover
  • Intake funnel
  • Funnel net
  • Catch bags
  • Ventilator (12 V DC, 3.6 W, Typ II)
  • Battery cable (Typ II) with connector
  • Carrier bag
  • Power supply unit with 8 m cable (US version, output 12 V DC, Typ II)
  • BG-Lure (imitates human skin odor)

Part: BG10031 (BG Sentinel 2 full version, includes BG Lure and power supply unit) or BG10030 (BG Sentinel 2 basic version, shipped without these two components)

Product Details

The BG-Sentinel Trap

The Biogents BG-Sentinel is a “gold standard” mosquito monitoring trap for scientists, healthcare professionals and mosquito control specialists. The trapping mechanism of the BG-Sentinel incorporates patented Biogents technology and was originally developed for use with “container breeder” mosquito species, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.

After over 20 years of operational use, the BG Sentinel has also been proven to be effective at attracting Culex mosquitoes. With the addition of an attractant such as carbon dioxide (CO2), the trap can also be used to catch other mosquito species and blood-sucking insects.

About the BG-Sentinel Trap

BG-Sentinel Basic vs. Full Versions

The BG Sentinel trap is available in two versions for mosquito control programs:  Full and Basic.  The Full Version includes the BG Lure Attractant and a plug-in power cord.  The Basic Version of the BG Sentinel trap is shipped without these two additional components.

About the BG-Sentinel Trap Components

BG-Sentinel Body

The trap body pops up automatically and reduces the set-up time. The trap body material is durable, resistant, and made of polyester material with mounting hooks and a carrying strap. It can be easily cleaned with water.


Our ABS plastic cover is more stable and easier for you to mount and clean, with specifically sized perforation for a precise air flow.


A form-fitting fan with a rounded profile and a waterproof connector ensures endurance. IP55 rated electrical components such as a 12 V ventilator and a power supply unit with 50-60 Hz and 100-220 V as well as battery mounting support cables.

Funnel with Shutter

The funnel is equipped with a shutter that closes the funnel automatically preventing the caught mosquitoes from escaping in case the power supply fails for any reason.

Rain Shield (optional)

It has been shown in studies that adding a rain shield to the BG-Sentinel can increase the catch rates. Rain shield and mounting poles are separately available.

BG Sentinel 2 Trap

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