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Flit® Adulticide

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Application Method

Ground ULV

Labeled Treatment Areas

Residential Areas

IRAC Mode of Action

3A Pyrethroids/Pyrethrins

Active Ingredient


  • Barrier product for use around parks, homes, festivals and recreational areas
  • Delivers extended control on adult mosquitoes that land on treated vegetation
  • Appropriate for residential and recreational areas, especially those surrounded by dense vegetation
  • Active ingredient is permethrin
  • Emulsifiable concentrate formulation that dilutes easily with water

Product Details

About Flit®

Flit is a residual mosquito control barrier product used to provide an invisible barrier to reduce mosquito populations. When applied to the vegetation and foliage where mosquitoes rest, it provides extended control of mosquitoes that seek out shelter on treated vegetation and overgrowth.

  • Barrier product for application on foliage and vegetation
  • Providing several days of mosquito control (weather conditions permitting)
  • Versatile in a wide range of habitats

Note:  Clarke discontinued the Flit 13.3 formulation in May 2021.  The label and SDS for this product does remain posted on the Clarke website for any customers holding inventory of this material who may need to reference it.

About Flit’s Active Ingredient

Flit’s active ingredient, permethrin, comes from the synthetic pyrethroids, which emulate naturally occurring pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum flowers. Permethrin is capable of controlling pests such as mosquitoes, ticks and flies. Permethrin has been registered with the EPA since 1979 and has been one of the most widely-used mosquito adulticide controls in the United States due to its low costs, high rate of effectiveness and broad use labeling.

Applying Flit

Flit is a barrier product, meaning it is applied to the vegetation and foliage where adult mosquitoes harbor/rest during daytime hours.  Barrier products are typically applied during the day, through a backpack blower that converts the liquid product into large droplets that land on targeted treatment sites like landscaped plants, foliage and tree lines. The treatment is designed to last on those surfaces for several days, controlling adult mosquitoes that land on the treated surface.

Flit can be applied by a manual pump garden sprayer, Ortho hose sprayer (available at hardware as well as home and garden stores), a power backpack or a high-pressure applicator.  This product is formulated for the control of annoyance flies and mosquitoes, mosquitoes and flies of public health or disease vector importance in areas such as but not limited to residential areas, industrial areas, urban areas, parks, campsites, woodlands, athletic fields, golf courses, playgrounds, recreational and overgrown waste areas, roadsides, and other areas.

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Rotating products and modes of action in your control program is responsible stewardship, aids in resistance management, and extends the useful life of all products.

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