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Apr 24  |  New Support Center for Mosqutio Control Programs

We have created a new portal for mosquito control programs, focused on Zika communications and control approaches for container breeder mosqutioes. You don't have to be a customer to utilize. Get instant access here.

Apr 13  |  A Primer on "the Other" Zika Mosquito

Aedes albopictus has taken seceond chair to Aedes aegypti when it comes to the spread of Zika.  This piece does an excellent job explaining the difference between the two species. It also has an excellent opening video that clearly explains how Zika can spread and the risk points.  Watch and share.

Mar 26  |  CDC Issues Advisement on Zika Sexual Transmission and Pregnancy

As the knowledge about Zika virus continues to develop, the CDC has now made a definitive advisement on male sexual transmission of Zika and the cautions women with real or suspected exposure to Zika should take before becoming pregnant. Full advisement here