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Working to make communities more livable, safe and comfortable through:

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Taking a prescriptive approach to maintaining healthy waterways for aesthetics, recreation and ecology

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Unmatched operational expertise and service programs for environmentally-responsible mosquito control

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Offering public health mosquito control products and equipment for every habitat and every budget

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Choosing the right products for (mosquito) relief
If you’re involved in selecting public health mosquito control products to control nuisance populations and disease vectors, how do you begin to assess and choose what products get put into your program? Because of the wide variety of products on the market today, having a clear decision process c...
I recently attended a marketing conference and learned that the average person now spends 2 hours on social media and over 7 hours consuming content – a DAY! After I got over the initial shock of these figures, I found myself thinking about how social media is used in public healt...
Summer is winding down, but...

West Nile is Not

September is upon us. Kids are back in school and pumpkin spice lattes are on the menu already, but in many parts of the country, mosquito season is not yet behind us. Thanks to late season heat and rainfall totals, conditions have been ripe for mosquito breeding, with pop...

Sustainability is our passion.

Inspired to do our part to protect the earth, we published our first Sustainability Report in 2009 — marking the beginning of a new era at Clarke. Today, sustainabilty, innovation, and community are central to everything we do.

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