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“So Much More Than Spraying”
Ask your average homeowner what they think mosquito control is in their community, and most will respond with something about “spray treatments.” Jennifer Biancalana, a control consultant with Clarke’s service operations in Illinois, recently had the opportunity to talk about mosquito contr...
Aquatic Plants: Friend or Foe?
Chances are, when you look at a body of water, you don’t give a second thought to the plant life floating on the surface or sticking out of the shallows. Depending on your point of view, they could be “pretty” or just a bunch of “weeds.” The fact is, these plants (and the ones you can’t ...
How to measure the performance of your community pond.
Ponds are everywhere. Apartment complexes, housing developments, and municipal parks often feature these small bodies of water. While they may enhance the beauty of their surroundings, it may surprise you to know they were not created solely for aesthetic purposes, or to enhance the value of the ...

Sustainability is our passion.

Inspired to do our part to protect the earth, we published our first Sustainability Report in 2009 — marking the beginning of a new era at Clarke. Today, sustainabilty, innovation, and community are central to everything we do.

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