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Environmentally-Responsible Mosquito Control Products & Services

Protecting public health and supporting quality of life in communities all around the world with effective and sustainable solutions for mosquito management

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Trailblazing Sustainable Mosquito Management

Since 2009, we’ve challenged ourselves to view our work in public health through a lens of sustainability. We’ve brought forth innovations and practices for reducing our operational impact on the environment and deepening our contributions to the communities we serve. This is work that is never done – and we hold ourselves accountable to continuous improvement. See how we are doing against our latest sustainability goal set.

Read the 2020 / 2021 Clarke Sustainability Report

The Reach and Impact of Clarke


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Delivering Solutions for Global Vector Control

Ministries of health and non-governmental organizations across 4 continents rely on our mosquito control products, equipment, and surveillance solutions to protect residents from vector-borne diseases like Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever viruses, as well as Malaria and Lymphatic filariasis.

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Experts in Mosquito Control Services

Since 1946, we’ve protected the public health of communities with environmentally responsible mosquito control services. We provide integrated mosquito management programs to customers including:

Abatement Districts


Counties and States

Health Departments

Commercial Properties


Golf Courses

Entertainment Venues

Homeowner Associations and Subdivisions

Residential Properties


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Mosquito Control Products that Meet Public Preference

Our mosquito control product portfolio and equipment options help you manage your budget, public health priorities, environmental impacts and results.

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We recognize that every action we take, big or small, can directly impact the environment and significantly affect future generations.

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Workshops For Mosquito Control Professionals

Earn continuing education credits where applicable and learn about the latest industry trends in one of our public health mosquito control workshops.

Workshop topics include:

  • Vector disease activity updates
  • Trends and emerging practices
  • Mosquito biology and habitat
  • Survey, surveillance and mapping
  • Larval and adult mosquito control strategies
  • Aligning public health with public preference

Find a free mosquito control workshop in your area.

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Florida Mosquito-Borne Disease Activity Updates

Get analysis from Dr. Jonathan Day, Professor Emeritus of Medical Entomology from the University of Florida, on the status of vector-borne disease activity across the State of Florida.

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A Passion For People And The Planet

That’s what drives the Clarke team, day in and day out. It’s why we founded the Clarke Cares Foundation and constantly push the envelope to develop more sustainable solutions – for everyone.

It’s a passion built from the ground up, as our pioneering teams develop and deliver environmentally responsible mosquito control solutions and aquatic services to help prevent disease, control nuisances, and create healthy waterways.

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Great Place To Work Badge

Clarke is proud to be designated as a Great Place to Work® company.

The Great Place to Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience within their workplace. Our coworker survey showed that 77% of Clarke’s coworkers say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

Other highlights of our survey findings include:

  • 88% of coworkers feel good about how we contribute to the community
  • 86% of coworkers feel they are given a lot of responsibility
  • 88% of coworkers felt welcome when joining Clarke

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Preserve, Protect and Partner With Clarke

Let’s talk about what a more sustainable mosquito control program looks like for you.

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