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Supplemental Mosquito Control Services for Existing Programs

From our experience on the mosquito control operational front lines, we developed SITE Guard to offer our customers the on-demand ability to scale up or supplement existing programs when operational demands are too great for their existing resources.

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A History of Trust, Proven Mosquito Control Response

Clarke has been providing mosquito control services since the company was founded in 1946, and we’ve been called in by federal, state or local agencies on nearly every weather or disease-related mosquito control emergency since West Nile Virus was originally detected in the United States for the first time in 1999.

And from that experience, we created the SiteGuard program to help our customers extend their mosquito control resources during especially demanding times, such as a mosquito-borne disease outbreak or post-weather event.

SITE Guard™: Contingency and Supplemental Services for Mosquito Control Programs

Our SITE Guard™ service program provides a la carte supplemental services to existing mosquito control programs.  When you are faced with a resource shortage, you choose exactly what type of supplemental operational support that you need from Clarke.  This can include people, equipment and products for:


You can’t protect your residents unless you know what you’re up against. Surveillance programs define your species mix and populations, map out high-risk breeding areas, and include testing for virus presence and potential resistance issues.


When a vector presence is detected, door-to-door inspections within the Biology Block™ and real-time reporting are critical to mitigating an outbreak. A Biology Block™ refers to the complete block of homes in immediate proximity to a confirmed or suspected human case of a mosquito-borne disease like Zika.


Adult and larval mosquito control treatments that are designed according to the specific requirements of the impacted neighborhood and community.


Proactively arm your staff with the public and community relations tools they need to work with the media and educate the public on how to best protect themselves.

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Clarke’s Role in Fighting Zika in Miami

What began as a 2-person crew assisting Miami Dade County Mosquito Control Division with Zika-related response work in May 2016, turned into 45 two-person teams working seven days a week, a surveillance crew of seven, plus operations and supervisory management staff on-site. Watch to see the timeline of events and what it meant to be frontline fighters against Zika.

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