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Common Residential Mosquito Treatment Service Questions

Interested in hiring Clarke to provide mosquito control services for your home? Here are some common backyard mosquito control service questions, answered!

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Where does Clarke provide backyard mosquito control services?

Clarke provides residential mosquito services in communities located around our regional service centers. This gives us the ability to provide service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida.

How much do Clarke’s backyard mosquito treatments cost?

Treatment costs are calculated based on the size of your lot. Residential services start at $55 per treatment for new customers with properties less than 1/2 acre within our standard service area. Please use our Request a Free Estimate tool to receive a quote specific to your property.

What mosquito control products does Clarke use?

Clarke only uses EPA-registered insecticides designed for mosquito control and approved for use in residential settings. When used according to the label instructions, the EPA has determined the products do not pose unreasonable risk to people, pets or the environment. The active ingredient in the products we use is designed to mimic the insect-killing properties found naturally in chrysanthemum flowers.

What type of mosquito treatments does Clarke offer?

Clarke’s residential mosquito service programs include a barrier application on the foliage and landscaping where adult mosquitoes rest during the day. Barrier applications are intended to offer residual control, working for up to 21 days (product, dose, and weather dependent) to control mosquitoes who land on treated surfaces.

For large properties (greater than two acres), Clarke may also provide a ULV application to reduce active, flying mosquito populations at the time of treatment. ULV treatments are done by mounting an ultra-low-volume sprayer to an ATV and spraying a fine mist of an EPA-registered insecticide into the air. The mist is made up of tiny droplets that move through the air in order to make contact with adult mosquitoes in-flight. This type of treatment is highly effective for quickly reducing mosquito populations active at the time of the treatment, but it does not provide any extended control.

Will Clarke spray my lawn  for mosquitoes?

No, Clarke backyard treatments for mosquito control do not include applications on lawns. A well-maintained lawn will not provide a resting, breeding or feeding source for mosquitoes. We focus our treatments on landscaping, arborvitaes, other shrubs and lower branches of tall trees where mosquitoes do rest.

Will Clarke treat my garden for mosquitoes?

No, Clarke will not treat your garden directly and you do not need to cover or harvest your garden areas prior to a treatment. Our licensed technicians will scout your property before applications begin to identify garden beds and other blooming plants to avoid.

Will Clarke’s backyard  mosquito treatments also control ticks?

Clarke’s backyard mosquito control treatments are made to the landscape and foliage areas where adult mosquitoes rest during daytime hours. These applications will also help control ticks in the treated areas of your property.

How long does it take for Clarke to treat a backyard for mosquito control?

The size and nature of your property will determine the treatment time. The average suburban property takes about 10 to 15 minutes for treatment, but we do have customers with large properties that take up to one hour.

How often should Clarke treat my backyard for mosquitoes?

Weekly treatments are recommended for optimal comfort and nuisance control, but other options for treatment frequency or one-time events are also available.

How does Clarke schedule backyard mosquito control services?

Residential properties that opt for a season-long service program will be treated on a regular, recurring basis. Most residential properties are serviced by Clarke on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We do recommend weekly service for optimal outdoor comfort, but other options for treatment frequency are available.

One-time, special event treatments are scheduled upon request. We encourage customers to request a special event treatment at least one week in advance. This will allow our operations team to schedule applications at a time that will deliver the most relief for your guests.

Will you provide backyard mosquito control treatments while it’s raining?

No, Clarke will not provide treatment while it is raining, but we will restart service shortly after the rain stops. Our crews are trained to stop treatments during rain and contact the supervisor for additional guidance. Weather always plays a factor in mosquito control and there may be times when inclement weather impacts Clarke’s ability to treat your property on your scheduled day. In that case, we will make every effort to re-schedule you the next day, weather permitting.

How long should we wait to go back outside after a mosquito control treatment?

According to the product label used by Clarke for backyard mosquito control treatments, people and pets can remain outdoors during the applications. If you choose to go indoors while Clarke applications are working on your property, the product will dry on treated surfaces in 15-30 minutes post application.

Will Clarke mosquito control treatments eliminate all the mosquitoes?

Backyard mosquito control applications will help significantly reduce mosquito populations around your home and improve outdoor comfort, but they will not eliminate mosquitoes completely. Mosquitoes have a flight range beyond your yard and new mosquitoes are routinely hatching off. Removing standing water around your property will help limit mosquito breeding and support keeping populations lower.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and personal checks.

Do I need to be home when the service is being completed?

No. Our crews will check-in unless otherwise instructed. We’ll leave a door tag notice or email verification upon completion.

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