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A Hyper-Local Picture of Species Susceptibility

Historically, resistance has been believed to be a regional or district-wide issue, but the U.S. Zika outbreak taught us how to consider mosquito populations at a block-by-block level. And from our work understanding and treating container-breeding species, the Susceptibility Assessment Mapping (SAM™) service was born.

Clarke’s SAM service offers our customers neighborhood-by-neighborhood insights into the susceptibility of their local mosquito population against various control products.

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SAM™ Services: The True Picture of Species Susceptibility

It follows a simple, six-step process:

1. Assess

Working from any historical surveillance data available, we’ll begin to understand the species mix of your district, plus any variabilities that impact populations.

2. Select

Various sites are selected for larvae and/or egg collection that best reflect the species mix of your district.

3. Collect

Eggs and/or larvae are collected and overnighted to our lab or a third-party partner.

4. Rear

F1 and F2 generations of each species collected are reared by the lab.

5. Assay

Simultaneously, the lab uses susceptible lab colony species to conduct bottle bioassay studies on the adulticide product(s) of your choice. This is done to determine the diagnostic dose (DD) and diagnostic time (DT) for each species on each product. Then, the F2 species will be tested following the same methodology.

6. Report

For each product formulation tested, the time to 100% mortality is compared between the susceptible lab species and the field species.

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Interpreting SAM™ Data

SAM offers a quick and efficient way to understand the relative performance between products used across your district. We recommend it be used as an annual monitoring tool for susceptibility levels within your population.

However, SAM is not a definitive tool to determine if your local mosquito population has resistance issues. If you identify any yellow flags in the data results, your best course of action is to do a formal field trial. Clarke can help.

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About Susceptibility Assessment

Every mosquito control program fears developing resistance within their local mosquito populations. Susceptibility Assessment Mapping (SAM) is a service and knowledge-based service that delivers a true picture of product performance within your district.

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