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Field and Surveillance Tools

Clarke’s mosquito control application equipment, data management and surveillance tools are used by public health professionals around the world.

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Active Surveillance and Monitoring

Active surveillance is an integral part of any IPM program. Clarke offers a wide variety of professional surveillance equipment to monitor both larvae and adult mosquitoes, including an assortment of light traps and gravid traps, insect rearing and laboratory equipment, larvae collection equipment and accessories for insect traps.

Every single product is carefully designed and manufactured using the finest materials and construction to provide many years of trouble-free service. Explore some of our options below to build a custom solution for your program.

We recognize that every action we take, big or small, can directly impact the environment and significantly affect future generations.

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J. Lyell Clarke, III

Creating Customer Solutions

Need support identifying the right potential products for your program? Our team of control consultants and customer care professionals are here to help you with any inquiry.

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Preserve, Protect and Partner With Clarke

Let’s talk about what a more sustainable mosquito control program looks like for you.

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