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Mosquito Control Cage Trial

Working with Clarke

Innovation is spurred from every corner of Clarke, and our team of world class scientists is creating the mosquito control products of the future.

From exploring new active ingredients for public health to advanced formulation design going into our NextGen products, we’re delivering greater value — on product efficacy, performance and environmental impact —than anyone else in the mosquito control industry.

Bringing Green Chemistry to Mosquito Control

100% of the new products Clarke brings to the public health mosquito control market are designed to the principles of Green Chemistry.

This is work we started nearly two decades ago when we began development work on our first NextGen product, Natular larvicides.

Green Chemistry Formulations
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Our fundamental job is to discover and design the most effective mosquito control products of the future, and ensure the performance we can achieve in the lab translates to real-world operational excellence for customers.

Mosquito Control Cage Trial
Yemi Susan Bullen-McClain, Ph.D
ClarkeDirector, Product Innovation & Field Sciences
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Options for Mosquito Control Products

When it comes to mosquito control products, options matter. Options for habitats and application methods.

Options for resistance management and responsible rotation. Options for budgets of any size. Clarke’s mosquito control product portfolio is designed to offer the best mix and variety of mosquito control product options to public health professionals.

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Creating Customer Solutions

Need support identifying the right potential products for your program?

Our team of control consultants and customer care professionals are here to help you with any inquiry.

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Navigating the Impact of Natular G on Non-Target Organisms: A Study in Minnesota’s Vernal Pools and Cattail Marshes

MMCD conducted a comprehensive field study to examine Natular G\’s – and its active ingredient, Qalcova-brand spinosad – ability to control mosquitoes while still minimizing harm to non-target organisms.


Natular G30 Takes Flight: Enhancing Mosquito Management with Drones and the Best Fit Product

MCMA has spent the past several years planning, launching, and refining their drone strategy within their mosquito control program. Today, we’re exploring some of the key factors contributing to its success: The inception of their drone program, the rationale behind choosing drones over planes, the tools employed, drone selections, and the importance of the product utilized, in this case, Clarke’s Natular G30.

Formulation in process

The Science Behind Green Chemistry: Shaping A Greener Future for Mosquito Control

For Clarke, utilizing the principles of green chemistry isn’t just about compliance; it\’s about fundamentally altering how we approach chemical formulation and engineering to protect both human health and the environment. We treat it as a call for innovation and progress— to create mosquito control solutions that are economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible.

FILE PHOTO: Signage is seen at the headquarters of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, D.C., U.S., May 10, 2021. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo

Navigating the EPA Registration Process for Mosquito Control Products: A Comprehensive Guide

Effectively managing mosquito populations requires the responsible, effective use of specialized mosquito control products. These must undergo a rigorous registration process mandated by the EPA to ensure they do not pose unreasonable risks to people, pets, or the environment.

A flooded mangrove

Natular G30 as a Larval Pretreatment Option in the Cayman Islands: Product Stewardship and Partnership

Due to variable conditions surrounding the start of the island\’s rainy season—and mosquito breeding season—the  MRCU became interested in researching mosquito larvae pretreatment options. In particular, the viability of Clarke\’s Natular G30 as a pretreatment option for up to six weeks ahead of flooding and large tidal events that produce mosquito breeding conditions. 

California Ban on Gas-Powered Small Engines and Electric Alternatives for Public Health Mosquito Control

In October 2021, California signed Assembly Bill 1346 into law, a bill that aimed to prohibit the sale of new gas-powered, small off-road engines and phase out certain equipment by January 2024. Today, this bill is fully in effect in…

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