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Mosquito Control

Whether you're looking for the benefits of a full-service, integrated program, or seeking innovative products and equipment for your self-managed program, Clarke has the most comprehensive range of offerings in the industry to meet your needs. We've customized and delivered effective solutions for thousands of communities, businesses and organizations around the world for over 60 years.


Municipalities and Local Governments, Public Health Departments, Business and Private Organizations, Military, Mosquito Abatement Districts, Homeowners Associations, Residences, Property Management Groups


Cities, Public parks, Corporate grounds, Golf courses, Waterways, Outdoor Entertainment Event Venues, Private Residences and Estates, Stadiums


Airplane, Helicopter, Trucks, ATVs, Bicycles, Backpacks


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Full Service Programs

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

Spend less time – and less manpower – managing and implementing mosquito control with the Clarke Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. By creating solutions specifically tailored to your geography, temperature, climate and budget, this end-to-end program delivers a highly effective and efficient solution that:

  • takes most of the burden off your shoulders
  • reduces your manpower needs
  • improves risk management
  • provides maximum control over mosquitoes and other nuisances

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Self-Managed Programs

Clarke offers innovative products and equipment to help your in-house program combat mosquito-borne diseases. We provide continued support and training to ensure your program is maximizing performance.


We provide you with the widest variety of product choices, adulticides and larvicides including Natular™, the first complete portfolio of larvicides with a naturally derived active ingredient.

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Used around the world, Clarke offers the widest assortment of equipment for field and surveillance work, application, results monitoring and tracking, as well as high-tech data management tools.

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Clarke offers ongoing training to keep you and your staff knowledgeable on the latest industry trends, proper equipment usage, application methods and cost-saving techniques. Plus, you can earn state-approved CEUs through our local workshops.

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Clarke’s Unique Value

1. Most Extensive Capabilities

No one offers a greater breadth and depth of experience, expertise and resources than Clarke. We offer:

  • the widest selection of products, equipment and technology to fit your budget
  • the industry’s largest in-house staff of entomologists, biologists, environmental scientists, research and development scientists and equipment engineers
  • hands-on account management approach with scheduled or on-demand reporting
  • more liability coverage than any competitor
  • in-house Regulatory, Safety and Cartography departments


2. Environmentally Responsible

Because we are conscious of how our actions impact the Earth, we:

  • employ the most efficient application techniques available to minimize product usage without sacrificing efficacy
  • utilize electric rather than gas-powered equipment when available
  • apply product via foot power rather than vehicles when possible
  • are the only company that ranks our products, equipment and services by their impact on the environment
  • provide more sustainability understanding and options to customers and their communities


3. Tailored Solutions

We know that no two environments are exactly the same, therefore:

  • we approach each program as being unique
  • prior to any recommendation we inspect, survey and analyze every aspect of your conditions
  • we present you with a tailored recommendation rather than a pre-packed solution
  • you receive the most effective and efficient program possible