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Sustainability - Clarke

Sustainability: Real, doable, measureable

As an individual, when you put your mind to something and persist, you know you can achieve quite a bit. Put that concept in place in an entire organization and the results become surprising.

For five years now we’ve purposefully sought better processes and products to reduce our company’s impact on the earth. We’re proud of our progress and invite you to read in detail about our journey of incremental change.


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sustainability at clarke

Driven By Goals
Leading By Actions
Delivering Results

Aggressive Goals

We’ve set aggressive goals for ourselves to ensure we lessen our impact on the earth. By the year 2014:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by 25%
  • 20% of our energy needs shall come from renewable resources
  • 25% of sales will come from products and services ranked as “NextGen” on The Clarke Eco-Tier™ Index
  • Reduce our overall waste by 50%

Prior to 2014 we will continue to encourage our customers, partners and vendors to join in on our efforts toward sustainability.

Adopt a Cradle-to-Cradle Philosophy

We are actively looking for ways to incorporate sustainable practices into all our operations. For example, we are researching ways to incorporate biodegradable packaging with our products.


Less Gas, More Electric

When available, we utilize electric alternatives for applications. An example is Promist®, our electric ULV sprayer. In addition, we are opting for bicycles and walking when conditions allow.


Create Supporting Organizational Structure

In 2011 we took an evolutionary step under the name Project Greater Purpose. The goals were simple:

  • Evaluate / make all business decisions through a sustainability lens
  • Increase momentum toward achieving sustainability goals
  • Increase employee engagement in sustainability initiatives & activities
  • Improve the measurement and reporting of activities and achievements

This established an organizational structure that includes a Sustainability Advisory Board with five focused committees. This gives us the structure and processes to effectively integrate sustainability & social responsibility into Clarke’s business model. The committees are:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Good Earth
  • Communication, Education & Awareness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Health, Wellness & Safety

Project Greater Purpose has helped us make significant progress toward not only the goals of the project, but also our overall sustainability goals.


Reducing our Everyday Usage

Small changes can really add up. That’s why we’re doing things like moving to electronic reporting to eliminate paperwork, removing Styrofoam cups from the office and finding ways to reduce driving

Natular ™

The first Reduced Risk larvicide, it’s the only complete portfolio of larvicides with a naturally derived active ingredient.


Converting our Fleet to Hybrids

We’re in the midst of a program to replace our fleet of gas-powered vehicles with hybrids to save gas and reduce exhausts.


Bicycle Applications

40% of our catch basin treatments are now serviced by bicycle.


The Clarke Eco-Tier™ Index

Clarke has created a guidepost for our future products and offerings by introducing the Eco-Tier™Index. This ranks products, equipment and services based on their impact on the environment. The Index also allows our customers a new way to assess how best to meet their own sustainability goals.

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The Clarke Eco-Tier™ Index



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