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Yard & Home Checklist

  • Get rid of old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles or any water holding containers
  • Fill in or drain any low places (puddles, ruts) in yard
  • Clean Gutters Periodically
  • Keep drains, ditches and culverts clean of weeds and trash so water will drain properly
  • Cover trash containers to keep out rain water
  • Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets
  • Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week and store them indoors when not in use
  • Make sure your backyard pool is properly cared for while on vacation
  • Fill in tree rot holes and hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete
  • Change the water in bird baths and plant pots or drip trays at least once each week
  • Keep grass cut short and shrubbery well trimmed around the house so adult mosquitoes will not hide there

EarthRight™ The most sustainable public health solution for effective community mosquito control

EarthRight signals what is truly a groundbreaking municipal public health service by using only products made from naturally-derived active ingredients – along with inventive and earth-friendly application methods including bicycles and all-electric sprayers. It's the reason we say EarthRight is designed to "Love the Earth. Not mosquitoes."

Sustainable Design Products

EarthRight employs a unique pairing of two EPA-registered products –Natular larvicide and Merus™ adulticide– to give communities the most sustainable choice available for effective mosquito control.

Natular received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2010, and was the first "Reduced Risk" larvicide that the EPA registered. This classification recognizes new pesticides with more favorable human safety and environmental impact profiles than current alternatives. Natular has the first new active ingredient for a chemical larvicide in nearly three decades and is effective at use rate two to 10 times lower than traditional synthetic products.

EarthRight is the industry's first and only service that uses products that are Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed® for use in and around organic gardens and farms. Merus, with an active ingredient derived from chrysanthemum flowers, is the first OMRI Listed adulticide for wide-area mosquito control.

Earth Friendly Energy Saving

EarthRight's targeted, earth-friendly application methods help reduce emissions... Lessening a community's carbon footprint and environmental impact by:

  • Taking full advantage of GPS technology to efficiently route field technicians to monitor breeding sites and treatment locations
  • Mobilizing Toyota hybrid Prius cars for crew transportation and bicycles for the application of larvicide in catch basins
  • Using electric, instead of gas-powered, Ultra Low Volume (ULV) adulticide applicators carried on smaller, more energy-efficient trucks for night-time treatments
  • Minimizing impact on hard-to-reach sensitive environments via helicopter applications

Community Engagement

EarthRight is a very real and visible public service that demonstrates a more sustainable solution is available, even for effective mosquito control.

  • Clarke supports communities' stewardship efforts by complementing existing sustainableprograms or providing a starting point for "green" initiatives.
  • EarthRight offers improved community connections. We'll work with you to create messages and updates that can help you educate residents on how to reduce mosquito populations and to understand the environmental and community health benefits EarthRight provides.
  • An EarthRight toolkit is available with communication support materials for your use, including website and newsletter copy, press releases, video and even community posters.