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Frank Clarke

Frank Clarke is Vice President of Strategic Development and Key Accounts and is a Clarke family shareholder.

He began his career with Clarke unofficially at the age of 10, working for his father at the first Clarke operations center in La Grange, IL, washing trucks and cleaning the workyard. By sixteen, he was scheduling mosquito control service work and performing service applications. Formal education took Frank to Ole’ Miss where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Banking. Before coming back to the family business, he spent several years in New Orleans working in banking and then opened his own Sonitrol security alarm franchise.

In 1996, Frank officially joined Clarke to build the company’s product and service customer base in Florida. In 2011, he was named Vice President of Strategic Development and Key Accounts, working with some of the large abatement districts and public mosquito control programs across the United States and the Caribbean.

Frank earned a Bachelor’s in Finance and Banking from the University of Mississippi. He and his wife, Cara, have been married for over ten years, and he and his family love to travel when he’s not attending to customer needs or public health emergencies. He also enjoys hunting, boating, and fishing with his brothers. As long as friends and family are around, every weekend is his perfect weekend.

We put integrity first, always. This is our most foundational principle, from which everything else grows. At Clarke, we are deeply proud of doing the right thing, even when it’s hard, and when no one is watching.

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Frank Clarke
Vice President, Strategic Development and Key Accounts
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