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Julie Reiter

Julie Reiter serves as Clarke’s Vice President of Human Resources and Sustainable Development. 

As a seasoned leader with a passion for cultivating vibrant company cultures, Julie has been a driving force behind shaping Clarke’s efforts to foster and advance sustainability initiatives and create a workplace culture of flourishing. Some of her “proudest proud” initiatives include shaping and holding the organization accountable to sustainability goals sets, spearheading Project Greater Purpose, and its supporting committees of Sustainable BusinessCommunications and EducationExtraordinary Health and HappinessSocial Responsibility, and Good Earth, to embed sustainability into the Company’s DNA, and bringing Clarke’s coworkers, stakeholders, and partners together for periodic Appreciative Inquiry events and championing the output of such events into significant outcomes.

In addition to this work, Julie has dedicated over two decades to developing and refining Clarke’s Human Resources department, formalizing company policies and procedures, streamlining benefit programs, and guiding organizational development. She leads a strong, capable team that is continuously working to flex to meet the needs of the company’s full-time and seasonal coworkers.

Julie earned her Bachelor of Science in Management from Lake Erie College in Ohio. Since then, she has gained over three decades’ worth of experience and understanding in the human resources profession – bringing to Clarke a broad knowledge base on various issues and industry types.

Through our practice of appreciative inquiry, we explore our greater purpose. We rally around our strengths to create rapid transformation that touches every level of Clarke.  And we learn to value creativity, curiosity and change.

portrait of Julie Reiter
Julie Reiter
Vice President of Human Resources & Sustainable Development
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