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Yemi Bullen-McClain

Yemi Bullen-McClain is Clarke’s Vice President of Research, Development, and Engineering, effective 2024.

Yemi has led Clarke’s research and development team for over eight years, joining as the Director of Product Innovation and Field Science in 2015 after a lengthy tenure in product chemistry research at SC Johnson, focusing on pest control. Driven by a passion for sustainability, she takes pride in creating and integrating environmentally friendly mosquito control solutions for use in municipal, commercial and residential environments.

Yemi has been integral to developing new products for global public health, stewarding Clarke’s Duet H.D., Cielo, and Merus mosquito adulticides, leading research, managing Clarke’s Good Laboratory Practice program and test facility, and working across departments to ensure timely, adoptable deployments into markets. Yemi holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Howard University and primarily operates from Clarke’s headquarters in Illinois when not on site for field work.

“Our decisions are guided by our core values:  Preserving the Planet, Protecting People, Being Passionate About What We Do, and Doing the Right Thing, Even When It’s Hard.”

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