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Clarke Celebrates Our 11th Day of Caring

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Clarke understands that our actions and decisions matter. They matter and ripple across our organization, out to customers, throughout our industry, and into the global community. This understanding is why we are so considerably grounded in stewardship and service.

We hold an annual Day of Caring to support our commitment to stewardship and service. Our offices shut down nationwide while more than 200 employees spend the day volunteering in various communities. Our Day of Caring is a company-wide event and includes our offices throughout the Midwest, Northeast, Florida, West Coast, and more. This year marks our eleventh Day of Caring, and we look forward to many more.

We’re proud to report that during this year’s Day of Caring activities, Clarke coworkers served 25 organizations worldwide and contributed more than 1,600 volunteer hours to various environmental activities. Some of these volunteer activities included:

  • Planting trees and other beneficial plants
  • Clearing litter in parks, trails and roadways
  • Supporting animal shelters with care and upkeep
  • Harvesting invasive plant seeds
  • Making bed mats for homeless veterans
  • Cleaning riverbanks and beaches
  • Beautifying spaces and homes for people with disabilities
  • Packaging and sending sanitary products to people around the world

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Please keep reading for more details about Clarke coworkers’ tangible impact during our 11th Day of Caring.

Day of Caring Volunteer Activities: The Midwest

Illinois – Addison Park District
One of our Illinois teams performed beautification tasks at Addison Park District’s Links and Tees – part of their 24 parks. Clarke coworkers assisted with general clean-up, weed removal and mulching.

Illinois – Adopt a Highway
Another of our Illinois teams cleared four miles’ worth of trash along Clarke’s adopted roadway – reducing roadside debris and subsequent run-off and pollution!

Illinois – Adopt a Stream
Our Roselle team spent the day removing litter and trash surrounding our adopted stream that runs throughout the Village of Roselle and behind Clarke’s flourishing garden facility.

Illinois – Bed Mats
Clarke coworkers dedicated their day to repurposing plastic bags to create bed mats for homeless veterans – a project coworkers participate in all year long. For more details on how this process works, visit the American Auxiliary Legion’s website.

Illinois – Bloomingdale Park District
Another group of Midwest coworkers trekked out to Bloomingdale’s Springfield Park to assist with litter collection, removal of invasive plants, and seed harvesting and distribution.

Illinois – Helping Hands
A group of Illinois-based Clarke coworkers volunteered at the Helping Hands Center of Illinois, assisting in facility clean-up and restoration projects. They were also able to participate in several resident-led art activities.

Illinois – James Pate Phillips Park
Another Illinois team spent the day removing litter along the roadside at James Pate Phillip State Park in Bartlett, an area with many endangered plants and animals with lots of adjacent wetlands.

Clarke volunteers also met the park staff ecologist and learned more about a local endangered species – the Blandings Turtle!

Illinois – Orland Grasslands
The last Illinois team joined forces with a local volunteer group to help with seed harvesting, brush clearing and litter clean-up at the Orland Grasslands. This team also participated in a controlled burn toward the day’s end!

Clearwater, MN – Missippi River
In support of Clarke’s Clean Water initiative, our Clearwater team restored portions of the Mississippi River by removing litter, trash and other debris from its shores.

Columbus, OH – Battelle Darby Creek
Clarke’s Ohio crew teamed up to conduct a river clean-up on Battelle Darby Creek. They spent the day working alongside one of Clarke’s customers, Franklin County Public Health.

Davison, MI – Community Lakes and Boat Launches
Our Davison operations team and several of Clarke’s local consultants worked on trash collection and improving boat launches throughout the local community.

Niles, MI – Community Lakes and Boat Launches
The Niles team assisted with various lake enhancement projects, including litter pick-up, restoration and cleaning around boat launches throughout their community.

Nunica, MI – Community Lakes and Boat Launches
Our Nunica coworkers also assisted with different beautification and restoration projects around local area boat launches – a cause close to heart for our aquatics teams.

Day of Caring Volunteer Activities: The South

Louisiana – Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
The South Sales group participated in a Restoration Headquarters Site Maintenance Day hosted by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) – one of our Give To Tomorrow Grant Recipients. Clarke’s team assisted in cleaning up their new oyster shell recycling site and weeding oyster piles to allow for easier bagging.

Day of Caring Volunteer Activities: Florida

Ft. Myers/Labelle FL – Caloosa Humane Society
One of our Florida teams spent their Day of Caring at the Caloosa Humane Society. They cleaned kennels, assisted with grooming dogs and cats and performed other tasks that aided in a cleaner environment for the animals.

Wellington, FL – Palm Beach County Parks
Clarke coworkers in Wellington participated in an all-day beach clean-up throughout Palm Beach County Parks to help foster our mission to Give Water Life within our served communities.

Kissimmee – Clean the World
Another Florida crew volunteered with Give to Tomorrow recipient, Clean the World, sorting soaps and bottled amenities to be shipped globally to those in need.

Florida Field Science Team – Good Karma Animal Rescue
Several of our Florida Field Science team members spent their day at Good Karma Animal Rescue, where they helped with kennel cleaning, dog walking and animal socializing.

Day of Caring Volunteer Activities: The West

Utah – Eccles Wildlife Education Center
Our West team worked with the Eccles Wildlife Education Center to assist with litter removal, planting milkweed, and building great heron rookery platforms at the Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Center.

Idaho – Snake River
Clarke coworkers returned to Snake River to help conduct a full day of litter removal to help restore and revitalize its shores.

Day of Caring Volunteer Activities: The East

Virginia – The Nature Conservancy at the Virginia Coastal Reserve
Our Virginia team members assisted one of our Give to Tomorrow Recipients, The Nature Conservancy at the Virginia Coastal Reserve, by beautifying beaches and trails.

Day of Caring Volunteer Activities: International

Mexico – Guadalajara Natural Park
Clarke’s coworkers stationed in Mexico volunteered to assist with planting trees in the beautiful Guadalajara Natural Park. 


Brazil – Santos Beach
In Brazil, Clarke coworkers came together, helping to clean, remove litter and beautify their local Santos beach.