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Clarke Announces Voluntary Sunset of Chlorpyrifos Products for Public Health Mosquito Control

written by
Lyell Clarke

Update: Since the original publishing of these announcements, Clarke has extended the timeline for its voluntary chlorpyrifos sunset. This decision was made to allow customers access to these products for rotational use and resistance management, while Clarke continues its work to bring additional resistance management tools to the public health mosquito control market.

Chlorpyrifos sales to cease at the end of 2022 as the company prepares to introduce an adulticide with a new mode of action

AUGUST 18, 2020 (St. Charles, Ill.) – Clarke, one of the country’s leading public health companies, will voluntarily sunset the sale and manufacturing of public health mosquito control products that contain the active ingredient chlorpyrifos, as the company prepares to introduce a new mode of action product for adult mosquito control.

“More than ten years ago, Clarke made the commitment to design and deliver environmentally responsible products and introduce novel mode of action chemistries to our industry,” says J. Lyell Clarke, president and CEO of Clarke. “Chlorpyrifos has served public health mosquito control for more than 40 years as a great rotational tool to help manage resistance. Yet we’ve seen product sales decline as our customers seek alternative products with greater public acceptance. Our decision to voluntarily sunset chlorpyrifos allows us to focus keenly on stewarding a new mode of action adulticide into the market.  This move is a direct reflection of our values and our customers’ needs: public health tools that align with public preference.”

Clarke screened more than 85 potential new active ingredients and designed hundreds of prototype formulations to meet the market demand for a new mode of action adulticide. The company is in the final stages of preparing a new product that addresses the growing challenge of pyrethroid resistance while maintaining high standards for efficacy.  Clarke anticipates its new adult mosquito control product will be commercially available in 2023.

Clarke’s chlorpyrifos-based products for the U.S. market (MosquitoMist™ and MosquitoMaster™) will remain commercially available through 2022.  The company will maintain applicable U.S. state registrations to allow customers to use remaining inventory through 2023.