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Clarke Celebrates Our 12th Day of Caring

written by
Kim Schulke
At Clarke, we’re dedicated to being good stewards and serving our communities.

Every year, we have a Day of Caring, where our offices across the country close down, and more than 200 of our team members spend the day volunteering in different communities. This isn’t just a local effort – it’s a company-wide event, with our offices across the globe participating. This year, we’re excited to celebrate our twelfth Day of Caring and look forward to many more.

During this year’s Day of Caring, Clarke team members worked together to support 18 organizations worldwide, with projects including planting trees, cleaning up parks and trails, helping out at animal shelters, and much more.

But this is just a snapshot of what happened during our 12th Day of Caring. Keep reading for more details on how Clarke team members made a real impact.

Illinois: Green Roselle 

The Green Roselle project in Illinois focused on tree planting and trash pickup within one of our local communities where Clarke’s operational team is headquartered.

Illinois: St. Charles Park District

Our team in our company headquarters of St. Charles participated in several projects for the Park District. From planting native plugs and plants to seed harvesting, their efforts contributed to the preservation of local ecosystems.

Illinois: Helping Hands 

Team members also returned to Helping Hands to take on a variety of outdoor beautification projects. From painting birdhouses for butterfly gardens to planting perennial gardens at group homes, these efforts help to beautify and enrich communities for those with developmental disabilities.

Illinois: College of DuPage Natural Areas

Our Illinois team has been contributing to a range of outdoor projects within the College of DuPage Natural Areas. From litter and invasive plant removal to seed collection, their work positively impacts local environments and helps to restore native prairie land to Illinois.

Illinois: Feed My Starving Children

To accommodate those that don’t work a first shift, Clarke coworkers on 2nd shift and night crew volunteered their time at Feed My Starving Children, packing food and nourishment that is sent to children in impoverished areas of the world.

Illinois: Bedmats for Homeless Veterans

Our employees in Illinois repurposed plastic bags to create sleeping mats for distribution to homeless veterans. In addition to Day of Caring, this project occurs quarterly within the company, and plastic bags are collected year-round.

Florida: Clean the World, Kissimmee

In Kissimmee, Florida, Clarke employees returned to participate in a project at Clean the World, sorting soap and bottled amenities, earmarked for landfill by local hotels, which are then distributed to those in need. It’s a small act with a big impact.

Florida: Caloosa Humane Society, Labelle

Our Labelle, Florida, team has made a difference at the Caloosa Humane Society. From animal care to shelter maintenance, their efforts are improving the lives of animals in need.

Florida: Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Wellington

Our employees worked with Big Dog Ranch Rescue, an organization whose various activities at the animal shelter significantly impact the lives of dogs in search of forever homes.

Idaho: Snake River Cleanup

Our team in Idaho took on the important task of cleaning up portions of the Snake River. This project contributes to the preservation of local waterways and habitats while providing a clean environment for animals and visitors alike. 

California: Nature Collective/San Elijo Lagoon

Our team in California is focused on habitat restoration at the Nature Collective in San Elijo Lagoon. This vital work contributes to the preservation of local ecosystems and the species that call them home.

Iowa: Saylorville Lake/US Army Corps of Engineers

In Iowa, our team is undertaking a cleanup project at Saylorville Lake in collaboration with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Their work on trail and picnic area cleanup helps improve all visitors’ recreational experience.

Louisiana: Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Our team in Louisiana worked with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana on a project involving recycled shells. These shells, collected from New Orleans restaurants, are being prepared for oyster reef restoration sites, contributing to preserving vital coastal habitats.

Louisiana: Ouachita Parish Humane Society

At the 11th hour, two coworkers on Clarke’s sales team were called to do emergency aerial spraying in Ouachita Parish Louisiana, to protect public health from West Nile virus activity. Not wanting to miss out on Clarke’s Day of Caring activities, the two quickly contacted the Ouachita Parish Humane Society and spent their day volunteering at the shelter, socializing dogs, providing assistance with outdoor beautification activities and spraying the parish at night.

Minnesota: Mississippi River Fishing Pier/Wright County Parks and MN DNR

Our Minnesota team is taking on the vital task of cleaning up the Mississippi River. Their efforts are contributing to the preservation of this iconic waterway and the surrounding habitats.

Ohio: Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

In Ohio, our team made a difference at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park through a river cleanup project. Their efforts are contributing to the health and vitality of local waterways as well as the enjoyment of the park for visitors.

Virginia: Volgenau Virginia Coast Reserve

Our team in Virginia contributed to hiking trail maintenance at Brownsville Preserve or barrier islands. Their work ensures that these natural areas remain accessible and enjoyable for all who visit.

India: Kovalam Beach Cleanup

Across the globe in India, our team is participating in a beach cleanup project at Kovalam Beach. Their efforts contribute to the preservation of this beautiful coastal area.

Australia: Glass House Mountains Lookout

Our team in Australia has been hard at work, undertaking tasks ranging from weeding to painting, rubbish collection, and walking track maintenance throughout the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services.

Australia: Winton Wetlands

In Winston North, our team is taking part in a restoration project that includes monitoring threatened Growling Grass Frogs, conducting fish surveys, prepping reptile survey sites, and general cleanup and maintenance. 

At Clarke, we’re incredibly proud of our employees’ dedication to these volunteer projects. Their efforts are making a tangible difference in communities around the world, showcasing the positive impact that can be achieved through teamwork and shared commitment to a better future. 

We look forward to continuing these initiatives and exploring new opportunities to give back. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable world for all.