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A Clarke Survey: Mosquito Abatement Perceptions and Concerns

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Majorities in three states view mosquito control products favorably. A Clarke Survey indicates strong preference for safe, sustainable mosquito control options.

Sizable majorities of residents in California, Illinois and Washington perceive mosquito control products as valuable and worth using, according to a new survey of attitudes in those three states.

Surges in mosquito-borne deadly diseases in the U.S. such as West Nile and dengue fever have thrust mosquito control into the national consciousness. The portion of survey respondents who regarded mosquito control products favorably ranged from 60 percent in Washington to 76 percent in Illinois.

The survey data is based on population samples from three states.  A total of 1,100 residents, including 300 residents in California, 500 in Illinois and 300 in Washington completed a web-based survey in August 2013.

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