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Duet: A Duel-Action Adulticide Designed to Control Mosquitos

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Clarke Mosquito Control today unveiled DUET™, a new dual-action adulticide designed to maximize control of nuisance and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

DUET combines two actives: sumithrin, the active ingredient in Clarke’s signature adult control product, Anvil™, and prallethrin, known for its superior knockdown. These two actives work in concert to provide excellent control under a variety of operating conditions.

“Duet is a sophisticated dual-actionmosquito adulticide that combines the efficacy of Anvil with the exceptional knockdown of prallethrin, said William Jany, Ph.D., Senior Director, Global Public Health Resources. “Together, these two active ingredients offer superior control more quickly with faster knockdown.”

Initial field trial and cage trial observations have shown that DUET causes “benign agitation” – a non-biting excitation of mosquitoes. Benign agitation has the potential to draw mosquitoes from a resting state – possibly including mosquitoes never before factored into efficacy calculations — into on-the-wing activity.

“Benign agitation could be the key to a whole new approach to mosquito control,” said Jany. “If benign agitation could activate more mosquitoes to fly out from under harborage, more mosquitoes can be impinged with droplets. “Which means better, more complete control with every operation.”

DUET has the same environmental profile as Anvil, which is widely regarded as having minimal environmental impact. There are no reentry precautions for DUET and no special steps need to be taken by residents in areas where DUET is applied. Very little DUET is required for superior control — it is applied in very low dosages of .41 fl oz/ac to 1.25 fl oz/ac of formulated product. In lay terms, one to just over three tablespoons of formulated product treats an area the size of a football field.

A distinct advantage for late-season applications, DUET also demonstrates an ability maintain its efficacy even in colder. This temperature coefficient phenomenon gives improved coverage for early- and late-season applications – prime time for combating West Nile Virus.

DUET can be applied via ground or air, and can be applied neat or diluted. DUET, registered by the EPA for public health outdoor mosquito control, and is widely registered in states throughout the U.S. Duet is available in 2.5 gallon jugs, 30 and 55 gal drums, and 275 gallon totes.

Clarke Mosquito Control, based in Roselle, Ill., was founded in 1946 as a garage-based home business of mosquito control products and services. Today, Clarke has grown to have an international presence and utilizes an integrated, science-based approach to mosquito control services and products for residential, commercial and governmental customers. It is the largest company devoted to mosquito control in the United States, and has played a significant role in the country’s battle against West Nile Virus.