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The Clarke Learning Center: Workshops and Educational Resources for Mosquito Control Professionals

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The Clarke Learning Center houses a variety of educational resources geared towards mosquito professionals at all levels of service to supplement basic mosquito control knowledge, provide workshops for continuing education units (CEUs), and host webinars on emerging industry topics.

The Clarke Learning Center consists of two parts:

    1. The Clarke Learning Academy: On-demand modules covering IMM and other mosquito control topics
    2. Clarke Workshops: State-by state workshops for CEU credit and timely webinars covering industry news
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What is Clarke Academy?

integrated mosquito managementThe Clarke Academy offers nine modules that cover Integrated Mosquito Management and other pertinent public health topics designed to provide comprehensive education on mosquito control, helpful for both new employees and those seeking to refresh their knowledge.

The user-friendly design allows mosquito professionals to complete the training at their preferred pace. Each module concludes with a short comprehension quiz to test users’ understanding of the covered material.

These training modules are completely free of cost for all mosquito professionals, including Clarke customers and public health seasonal staff.

Mosquito Control Learning Module Topics

  • Adult Mosquito Control
  • Larval Mosquito Control
  • Application Equipment
  • Regulatory Oversight and Risk Management
  • Surveillance and Inspection
  • Resistance Management
  • Modes of Action
  • Mosquito Habitats
  • Emerging Trends

Clarke Learning Center Modules

Explore Clarke Workshops

The Clarke Learning Center also hosts Clarke Workshops, providing public health professionals and Clarke customers with the opportunity to attend live, web-based training sessions at no cost with CEU credits as applicable. These workshops focus on essential principles of Integrated Mosquito Management, industry trends, and other valuable information for mosquito control experts.

Recorded versions are accessible for on-demand viewing, though may not be used for credits.

How to Access the Clarke Learning Center

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To access Clarke Academy and Clarke Workshops, simply create a free account on the Clarke Learning Center website. Following registration, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions for verification, granting you full access to the training resources.

For further details, visit our training page or reach out to our customer care team below.

Visit the Clarke Learning Center


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