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Pro-Mist Dura Mosquito Control

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Electric ULV

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USA States/Territories Only

The ProMist Dura ULV Sprayer is the most sustainable, reliable and user-friendly ULV machine available for professional mosquito control programs. It is an all-electric, quiet and versatile machine that can deliver in even the toughest application conditions.

  • An all-electric powered ULV machine suitable for most ULV spray applications
  • Advanced, heavy-duty rotary spray head technology
  • Quiet operations for residential neighborhoods
  • Weighs only 140 lbs for easy moving and storage
  • Comes standard with the SmartFlow II flow control system
  • Stainless steel aluminum and Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-ethylene with stainless hardware for lasting value and durability
  • Highly configurable and flexible set-up options
  • User-friendly operations – fingertip remote cab control
  • Backed by Clarke technical support
  • Made in the USA

Product Details

About the Pro-Mist® Dura ULV Sprayer

Clarke’s Pro-Mist Dura is a quiet, high-performance electric ULV sprayer. It was completely redesigned in 2015, resulting in performance, durability and unmatched convenience and configurability for professional mosquito control programs.

Pro-Mist Dura ULV Sprayer Specs-at-a-Glance

  • Weight: 140 lbs. (46kg) (+ battery weight)
  • Dimensions: 40”Lx28”Wx29.5”H (107cmLx71cmWx94cmH)
  • Noise Level: 80 db or less at nozzle
  • Pumping System: FMI carbon/ceramic
  • Power Requirements: 12 volt operation
  • Flow Control System: SmartFlow II
  • Formulation Tank: 15-gallon (56.7 liter)

Pro-Mist Dura: Convenience All Around

  • Easy to reach power button
  • All ports are quick connect, including the battery
  • Change a battery in less than 30 seconds!
  • Quick connect formulation lines too
  • New flush/store position for spray line
  • Spray head adjusts to vertical position for compact storage

Pro-Mist Dura: Configurability

  • Built on a modular system, configuration flexibility is made simple by connector shafts that let you mix and match separate pads housing the spray head, formulation tank/s and battery.
  • Blower stand base can be separated from the tank base and can be reconfigured to change overall footprint.
  • Bases can be configured to include an expansion battery base, dual 5-gallon tank or an additional 15-gallon tank base.
  • Plus, at only 140lbs the ProMist Dura’s modular design allows for easy moving and storage.

Pro-Mist Dura: Durability

  • Spray head shock dampener helps reduce both vertical and horizontal jostling of the spray head
  • High-density polyethylene tower panels and strengthened tower mounts
  • Chemical and corrosion-resistant
  • Outwears hardened steel

Pro-Mist Head Design

  • Featuring a longer and wider spray head with a protective “well” surrounding the motor shaft to prevent backflow or overspray seepage
  • Patent-pending engineering design to accommodate two new hermetic seals and four head connectors
  • Reduced motor shaft vibration and improved stabilization

Pro-Mist Spray Sleeves

  • Thicker, taller disposable sleeve to avoid distortion at high rpms
  • Molded, not machined

More About Pro-Mist Dura’s Standard Power Features

  • Suitable for most ULV spray applications up to 20 mph
  • Advanced rotary spray head technology to maximize efficiency
  • Laser droplet performance analysis 92% or more, size distributions of 6-30 microns
  • Quiet operation and lessens carbon footprint
  • Simple flow rate calibration
  • Fingertip remote cab control
  • Stainless steel aluminum and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with stainless hardware for lasting value and durability
  • Heavy-duty 24-volt spray head operation
  • Built-in circuit diagnostic features
  • Expandable software capabilities
  • Rear spotlight
  • Pumping system comes standard with fixed flow
  • SmartFlow II operating system new feature- Maintenance Alert Timer that notifies the operator when the disposable sleeve needs to be changed.

About SmartFlow II

Clarke’s Smartflow II flow control system comes standard with all Clarke’s ULV spray machines. It offers an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision and can be used in tandem with GPS for variable flow. With one-step calibration and three preprogrammed rates, you can store product-specific application details in the system and adapt quickly to varying field conditions.

Pro-Mist Dura

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