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BG-Pro Trap

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BG Pro, Biogents Traps

The BG Pro is sold in a single unit or a four-trap pack, and includes everything to set up your BG Pro for use as an EVS-style, CDC-style or Sentinel-style mosquito surveillance trap, including:

  • Intake funnel with integrated shutter system
  • Funnel net, 2x catch bag
  • Inner cylinder with upper part and lower part with 3-blade ventilator
  • Trap body
  • Hanger
  • Battery cable
  • USB adapter cable
  • Carrying bag
  • LED light
  • Rainshield
  • Tripod that enables the trap to stand on the ground

Part: BG50126 (Single Trap) and BG50127 (Set of Four)

Product Details

About the Biogents BG-Pro All-In-One Trap

The BG-Pro by Biogents was developed to offer the functions of the most widely used monitoring traps in one product while still offering Biogents‘ patented technology, production quality, and design expertise. The BG-Pro can be set up for various styles such as EVS-style, CDC-style, or Sentinel-style.

  • Perfect for all habitats and mosquito species
  • Designed for use with Biogents attractants and CO2
  • Compatible with multiple power options (battery, mains power supply, power bank)
  • Uses low power consumption for longer battery life
  • Includes a catch bag above the fan to reduce mosquito damage
  • Features an automatic shutter ensuring catch integrity in every situation
  • Includes a carry bag that is a dry ice container
  • Constructed of durable materials and designed for long life

Biogents BG-Pro All-In-One Trap Compatible Attractants

  • Used with BG-Lure (Part #10503) and placed on the ground, the trap can monitor tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti), and Culex quinquefasciatus
  • Used with CO2 (BG-Booster CO2 Part #10092), it can capture all mosquito species
  • An LED UV light (Part # 10544) can be optionally mounted

Assembling the Biogents BG-Pro All-In-One Trap

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