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FieldSeeker™ ULV Adulticiding Extension

Equipment Type

Data Managment

The FieldSeeker Windows ULV Adulticiding Extension is a standalone workflow for compatible sprayers with or without data output. The platform incorporates sleek functionality along with the same sprayer collection engine that has been successfully used for over ten years by more than 500 ULV adulticiding users.

The FieldSeeker’s Windows ULV App Tools include:

  • Configuration of System
  • View Data Operations by Date, Spray Session, and GPS Point
  • Management of Zones and Restricted Areas
  • Customize Restricted Area Warnings and Messages for Drivers
  • Create Line-based Spray Routes for Drivers
  • Service Request Integration with FieldSeeker Core
  • View Truck Spray Data in FieldSeeker Core
  • Print and Export Tabular Reports with or without Maps

Product Details