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Duet® Adulticide

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Application Method

Ground + Aerial ULV

Labeled Treatment Areas

Crop Tolerance, Residential Areas

IRAC Mode of Action

3A Pyrethroids/Pyrethrins

Active Ingredient

PBO, Prallethrin, Sumithrin

  • Dual active ingredients cause unique benign agitation to get resting mosquitoes up and flying to kill more mosquitoes
  • For use in residential, urban, industrial and recreational areas
  • May be applied over agricultural areas and pastures for the control of adult mosquitoes
  • Performs well in wide range of operational conditions, including cooler temperatures
  • Labeled for ground or aerial applications
  • Virtually odorless upon application with no lingering scent
  • Oil-based (Duet) and water-based (AquaDuet®) formulation options
  • Application equipment using Duet cleans easily using a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol or windshield washer fluid

Product Details

About Duet

Duet adulticide for mosquito control is a proprietary, oil-based formulation with two active ingredients – Sumithrin and prallethrin, both IRAC Class 3A pyrethroids. Sumithrin is the primary active ingredient, providing exceptional control, while prallethrin adds a fast knockdown advantage. Together, these two active ingredients cause “benign agitation,” or a unique, non-biting excitation of wild mosquitoes within a treatment area. This offers the potential to draw mosquitoes from a resting state…enabling greater control of the natural population. Duet has been tested and proven to provide effective control on a wide range of nuisance and disease-vectoring mosquito species, including those that carry West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and Zika.

  • Benign agitation benefits allows for greater control
  • Effective at low application rates
  • Versatile for a range of operational conditions

Duet was developed by Clarke and introduced in 2006. It has become a product of choice for medium to heavy populations in mosquito abatement programs across the United States. Duet is relied upon by public health mosquito control programs equally for routine operations and in emergency response situations, such as post-weather events and during mosquito borne disease outbreaks.

Duet also has a temperature coefficient phenomenon that provides control in cooler temperatures for early and late season applications. It may also be applied over agricultural areas for the control of adult mosquitoes within or adjacent to these areas.

About Duet’s Active Ingredients

The two active ingredients in Duet are IRAC Class 3A synthetic pyrethroids, Sumithrin and prallethrin, available exclusively to Clarke for public health mosquito control products. Like all synthetic pyrethroids, these actives emulates the naturally derived, botanical insecticides, known as pyrethrins, found in chrysanthemum flowers.

Synthetic pyrethroids were developed by scientists to emulate the insecticidal qualities of naturally occurring pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum flowers. The consistency and quantity of those natural extracts proved challenging, leading to a synthetic solution that provided more production and quality control.

In Duet and AquaDuet, Sumithrin and prallethrin are combined with a synergist, piperonyl butoxide (PBO), to enhance the product’s ability to provide fast knockdown and control of wild mosquito populations.

Duet and the Environment

Duet combines great mosquito control efficacy with a favorable environmental profile for wide area use.

Duet In Sunlight

The active ingredients in Duet (Sumithrin and prallethrin) are photolabile, meaning the molecules break down easily in the presence of sunlight.  The degradation byproducts are also non-persistent.

Duet In Soil

After a Duet application, trace amounts of Sumithrin and prallethrin will bind to and remain in the soil, and will not transport further into plants, through the soil column, or become concentrated in the bodies of living things (bioaccumulation).

Duet in Water

Duet is applied in a manner that limits deposition in the treatment area, and applications will not pose a risk to healthy aquatic habitats. However, direct exposure to this product does present risk to some aquatic organisms. Please refer to the product label for specific organisms of concern and for application instruction designed to mitigate non-target risks.

Duet and Animals

The EPA has evaluated Duet and determined that using it according to label guidelines, in residential areas, including in and around gardens and over non-organic agricultural crop areas, does not pose a significant risk to people or animals. Duet has low mammalian toxicity.

Duet and Bees

Because of the manner in which Duet is applied and the time of day it is applied, treatments should not affect beneficial, pollinating insects, like bees and butterflies. Duet is applied in small droplets, which break down quickly in the environment. Since the product must hit a mosquito while it is in flight to have an effect, it is sprayed at night when mosquitoes are actively flying and when other insects, such as bees and butterflies, are not active.  Residues in treatment areas following application are not toxic.

Applying Duet

Duet is labeled for ultra-low volume (ULV) mosquito control applications by ground (truck or ATV), by air, and through a backpack sprayer.  Optimized for performance through all standard ULV application equipment and nozzles, Duet is non-corroding to your application systems.  Application equipment using Duet can be easily flushed and cleaned using a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol or windshield washer fluid.

Its labeling for residential, urban, industrial and recreational use makes Duet a great choice for communities of all types. Duet may also be applied over agricultural areas for the control of adult mosquitoes within or adjacent to these areas. Duet is virtually odorless upon application with no lingering scent.

Duet is effective at very low application rates, with label rates ranging from 0.43 – 1.28 fl oz / ac. Depending on application rate, one gallon of Duet can treat 100 to 297 acres of land.

AquaDuet use rates vary.  Please see the product label(s) for complete application guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Duet?
Duet is the name of a public health mosquito control product for controlling adult mosquitoes. It has two active ingredients: Sumithrin and prallethrin. They are formulated to mimic the insect-killing (insecticidal) properties of natural substances called “pyrethrins” in chrysanthemum flowers. Duet was registered by the U.S. EPA in 2006 to help control adult mosquito populations that may transmit disease or reduce quality of living standards in our communities.

How is Duet applied to control mosquitoes?
Duet is applied through ULV equipment that converts a liquid mosquito control product into an ultra-fine spray cloud composed of microscopic droplets. The droplets are so small that more than 15 individual droplets could fit on the head of a pin.  The small size of the droplets allows them to float through the air for a short period of time so they can come in contact with flying mosquitoes. The droplet formulation is designed to penetrate the cuticle of the mosquito body, reaching and affecting its nervous system to knock it down and ultimately deliver mortality.

Can children and/or pets be outside during a Duet application? 
People and pets can be outdoors during a Duet application; there are no re-entry restrictions or limitations for Duet. Prior to registering a product, the EPA evaluates products thoroughly to be sure there is a “reasonable certainty of no harm” to humans, animals and the environment from their use. Duet and its ingredients have passed rigorous tests required by the EPA and has been approved for use in ground and aerial application in outdoor residential and recreational areas and other similar areas.

How much Duet is typically applied to control mosquitoes?
Duet is applied at extremely low dosage rates – usually less than an ounce per acre is required to control adult mosquito populations.  For easy reference, an ounce is about the amount of liquid a shot glass holds, and an acre is equivalent to approximately a football field.

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