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Duet HD Mosquito Adulticide

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Weight N/A
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Application Method

Aerial ULV

Labeled Treatment Areas

Crop Tolerance, Residential Areas

IRAC Mode of Action

3A Pyrethroids/Pyrethrins

Active Ingredient

PBO, Prallethrin, Sumithrin

  • The reliability of Clarke’s original Duet® adulticide in a formulation designed for aerial applications
  • Same dual active ingredients: Sumthrin and prallethrin, causing unique benign agitation to get resting mosquitoes up and flying during applications
  • Proprietary, solvent-based carrier complex for optimized aerial performance
  • No offensive odor and non-corrosive formulation
  • Labeled for use in residential areas as well as over crops and pastureland

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Product Details

About Duet® HD

Duet® HD puts everything you know and trust about Clarke’s original Duet® in a patented formulation designed for routine aerial application. Working with the same active ingredients (Sumithrin and prallethrin), the all-new carrier complex adds weight, minimizes vaporization for better cloud performance, and enhances cuticle bonding and penetration. This formulation is user-friendly, with an attractive environmental profile, and will not cause damage or corrosion to your application equipment under normal use.  So what you get with Duet HD is all the reliable knockdown and efficacy of Duet, in the most handler-friendly aerial adulticide formulation on the market.

  • A product designed specifically for use by air
  • Applicator- and handler-friendly product
  • Non-corrosive formulation

The Duet HD mosquito adulticide was developed and introduced by Clarke in 2016 to provide users with the reliable efficacy of Duet in a handler-friendly aerial adulticide formulation. Like Duet, it also controls a wide range of mosquito species, including nuisance species as well as those that can vector diseases such as West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and Zika.

Crop tolerance labeling extends the suitability of Duet HD as an aerial mosquito control product option for communities with surrounding non-organic agricultural farms. Duet HD is a rotational product of choice for many mosquito control programs that conduct routine aerial applications.

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About Duet HD’s Active Ingredients

Duet HD is a proprietary solvent-based formulation with two active ingredients – Sumithrin and prallethrin, both IRAC Class 3A pyrethroids. Sumithrin is the primary active ingredient, providing exceptional control, while prallethrin adds a fast knockdown advantage. Together, these two active ingredients cause “benign agitation,” or a unique, non-biting excitation of wild mosquitoes within a treatment area. causing more of them to come in contact with droplets and increase each treatment’s efficacy.

See this effect in action:

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Synthetic pyrethroids were developed by scientists to emulate the insecticidal qualities of naturally occurring pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum flowers. The consistency and quantity of those natural extracts proved challenging, leading to a synthetic solution that provided more production and quality control.

In Duet HD, Sumithrin and prallethrin are combined with a synergist, piperonyl butoxide (PBO), to enhance the product’s ability to provide fast knockdown and control of wild mosquito populations.

What Makes Duet HD Applicator Friendly?

Duet HD was developed as an answer to mosquito control programs that valued the performance of Duet by ground but wanted a denser version of the product for aerial application. And they wanted an aerial solution that was friendlier to work with than other aerial product options.  Duet HD delivers.

  • 32% denser than original Duet
  • No costly PPE required for mixers and loaders
  • Applicators can apply comfortably in baseline PPE (long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, shoes)
  • No offensive product odor
  • Non-corrosive formulation
  • No offloading when the weather stops applications
  • Able to treat 13,000-37,800 acres per 100-gallon load

While offering flexibility and control in a wide range of operational conditions, Duet HD is ideal as a routine aerial control product in regions that deal with long-flight range nuisance mosquitoes like inland floodland and salt marsh species. It’s also a great fit for districts and counties who want to reduce labor and maintenance costs associated with aerial treatments.

Duet HD and the Environment

Duet HD offers great mosquito control efficacy by air with a favorable environmental profile.

Duet HD in Sunlight

The active ingredients in Duet HD  (Sumithrin and prallethrin) are photolabile, meaning the molecules break down easily in the presence of sunlight.  The degradation byproducts are also non-persistent.

Duet HD in Soil

After an Duet HD application, trace amounts of Sumithrin and prallethrin will bind to and remain in the soil, and will not transport further into plants, through the soil column, or become concentrated in the bodies of living things (bioaccumulation).

Duet HD in Water

Duet HD is applied in a manner that limits deposition in the treatment area, and applications will not pose a risk to healthy aquatic habitats. However, direct exposure to this product does present risk to some aquatic organisms. Please refer to the product label for specific organisms of concern and for application instruction designed to mitigate non-target risks.

Duet HD and Animals

The EPA has evaluated Duet HD and determined that using it according to label guidelines, in residential areas, including in and around gardens and over non-organic agricultural crop areas, does not pose a significant risk to people or animals. Duet HD has low mammalian toxicity.

Duet HD and Bees

Because of the manner in which Duet HD is applied and the time of day it is applied, treatments should not affect beneficial, pollinating insects, like bees and butterflies. Duet HD is applied through ultra-low volume nozzles that create thousands of microscopic droplets, which break down quickly in the environment. Since the product must hit a mosquito while it is in flight to have an effect, it is sprayed at night when mosquitoes are actively flying and when other insects, such as bees and butterflies, are not active.  Residues in treatment areas following applications are not toxic.

Applying Duet HD

Duet® HD is labeled for aerial applications and should be applied when environmental conditions are favorable for ULV applications. Always read and follow label directions prior to application.

Optimized for performance through all standard aerial ULV application systems and nozzles, Duet HD is non-corroding to your application systems.  Application equipment using Duet HD can be easily cleaned and flushed using Clarke’s ULV Flushing Solution.

Its residential and crop tolerance labeling makes Duet HD a great choice for communities of all types, including those that neighbor non-organic agricultural farms. Duet is virtually odorless upon application with no lingering scent.

Duet HD is effective at very low application rates, with label rates ranging from 0.33 – 0.99 fl oz / ac.  Depending on application rate, a 100-gallon load of Duet HD can treat 13,000 – 37,800 acres by air.

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Rotating products and modes of action in your control program is responsible stewardship, aids in resistance management, and extends the useful life of all products.

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