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Natular® DT – A Solution for Backyard Mosquito Control

Natular® DT is an easy-to-use, bi-layer tablet that prevents mosquito breeding in standing water sites around your yard.

How Does Natular DT Work to Control Mosquitoes?

The active ingredient in Natular DT is spinosad, a product derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium. Natular DT’s patented tablet formulation allows it to go to work instantly, and will continue working for up to 60 days to control mosquito larvae in natural or artificial containers. See Natular DT in action.

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Where to buy Natular DT tablets?

Natular DT tablets are available through Grainger for private citizen or commercial purchase, and directly from Clarke for governmental entities like abatement districts, public health departments or ministries of health.


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Where Can Natular DT Be Applied?

Natular DT tablets can be applied in many spots around your yard or property that hold water but cannot be easily tipped out.  These are very common mosquito breeding sites around a property, especially for Aedes mosquitoes that only require very small amounts of water to breed.

  • Rain barrels
  • Roof top gutters
  • Floor drains
  • Ornamental ponds & water gardens
  • Old and abandoned tires
  • Flower pot trays
  • Boat covers

See the Natular DT residential use label for a full list of application sites and application instructions.

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