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Fourstar® Larvicide

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Length of Control


Formulation type

Briquet, Granule, Water Soluble Pouch

IRAC Mode of Action

11 A/B Microbial Disruptor

Active Ingredient

Bsph, Bti, Bti + Bsph

  • Positive environmental profile
  • The first microbial (Bti/Bsph) products offered in multiple formulations that offer extended residual and optimized delivery of the active ingredient to the target site
  • Developed and manufactured by Central Life Sciences
  • Distributed exclusively by Clarke for public health mosquito control use

Product Details

About FourStar®

FourStar microbial larvicide kills mosquito larvae before they become adults by using the naturally occurring bacteria Bacillus sphaericus (Bsph) and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti). These active ingredients are inherent in soil and contain protein crystals that when ingested rupture the gut wall of the larvae causing larval death.

To enhance performance, FourStar larvicides contain Central Life Sciences’ patented “Dual Action” release technology. This innovative technology regulates the release of active ingredients to the water surface as well as throughout the water column to ensure a long residual and maximum coverage.

All FourStar formulations are distributed exclusively by Clarke for public health mosquito control use.

FourStar Formulation Review

The FourStar portfolio of larvicides includes several different formulation types designed for different habitats and control periods.

FourStar Larvicide Formulations


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Yemi Susan Bullen McClain
Yemi Susan Bullen-McClain, Ph.D
Director, Product Innovation & Field Sciences

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