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Our Sustainability Journey

Since 2009, we’ve documented our sustainability journey and published our progress along the way.


2019: READY

The 2019 Sustainability Report summarizes the progress made against our current goal set and highlights the many ways the Clarke organization stands READY to serve our customers and the communities where we live and work.

Download the report here.

2018: Performance Snapshot

A snapshot of our impact and performance in the areas of Environment, Offerings, People, and Community – 10 years since beginning to track our progress.

Download the report here.


135x135 2017 Sustainability Report

2017: Building On

“Building On,” reflects the great pride we take in our progress, growth and continuous improvement. It also celebrates the completed construction of the “Flourishing Garden,” our operations and service center in Roselle, IL.

Download the report here.

135x135 2016 Sustainability Report

2016: How Might We?

A simple question that inspires curiosity, a sense of possibility, an innovation for inclusiveness, and serves as the catalyst for innovation through all aspects of our business.

Download the report here.

135x135 2015 Sustainability Report

2015: Working Together

Reflecting on a year of collaboration and partnership throughout all areas of our business and with all our stakeholders – coworkers, customers, suppliers and partners.

Download the report here.


135x135 2014 Sustainability Report

2014: Vision to Purpose

2014 marked the end of our first sustainability goal period and the six year anniversary of our visionary journey to approach our work differently and through the sustainability lens.

Download the report here.

135x135 2013 Sustainability Report

2013: From Aspiration to Action

Our focus shifted from aspiration to action as our coworkers, customers and dedicated partners implemented plans and programs to support the outcomes of our first sustainability summit, Clarke+.

Download the report here.

135x135 2012 Sustainability Report

2012: Accelerating a Sustainable Clarke

What started as a set of ideals has become embedded as core business. Our approach to sustainability continues to mature and evolve as we innovate and seek new opportunities for action.

Download the report here.


135x135 2011 Sustainability Report

2011: Becoming Clarke 2.0

Providing updates on Clarke’s learning, growing, and evolving progress, with a special focus on efforts around waste stream management and minimization.

Download the report here.

135x135 2010 11 Sustainability Report

2010-11: Becoming Clarke

Ours is a journey of learning and the pursuit of becoming all those things we aspire to be as an organization – one that makes communities more livable, safe, and comfortable.

Download the report here.

135x135 2009 10 Sustainability Report

2009-10: Every Action, Every Purpose, Every Voice

Our first ever sustainability report, marking a new milestone for Clarke and highlighting the transformation taking hold within our company and our coworkers.

Download the report here.

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