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California Ban on Gas-Powered Small Engines and Electric Alternatives for Public Health Mosquito Control

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In October 2021, California signed Assembly Bill 1346 into law, a bill that aimed to prohibit the sale of new gas-powered, small off-road engines and phase out certain equipment by January 2024.

Today, this bill is fully in effect in California, and other areas, including Washington D.C and Colorado, are also exploring similar restrictions. For public health mosquito operations, this is likely to affect their ULV, backpack, and other equipment used in their daily operations, particularly as this equipment depreciates, experiences mechanical failures, or needs to be replaced.

While alarming at first glance, these restrictions signal an opportunity for public health mosquito control programs to align their operations with the public’s growing preference for cleaner, more environmentally-friendly options. Today, we’ll walk through what the implications of Assembly Bill 1346 are on public health mosquito control, what this transition may look like, and alternatives to maintain operations.

Transitioning: What About Existing Small Engine Equipment Used in Public Health Mosquito Control?

California’s ban on the sale of new gas-powered, small off-road engines – spark-ignited engines rated at or below 25 HP – affects most lawn and garden equipment. More relevantly for public health mosquito control, it also affects a large portion of backpack sprayers and truck-mounted ULV equipment.

This means that mosquito control programs – and other users of small engines that follow into the above – cannot purchase new equipment that utilizes said small engines, both within the state of California as well as from outside states or other sources.

It should be noted that currently owned equipment is still allowed for use in operations. This ban does not mean the removal of small engines from operational use.

Alternatives for Electric, Carbon-Free Mosquito Control: The ProMist Electric ULV Sprayer

At the forefront of sustainable mosquito control is the ProMist Dura ULV Sprayer.

Designed to flex to the needs of any mosquito control program, the Pro-Mist Dura electric ULV sprayer operates quietly at a lower carbon footprint while delivering unmatched convenience and configurability. Its precise application ensures targeted results, minimizing waste and maximizing the impact on mosquito populations with precision.

The ProMist Dura ULV Sprayer is the most sustainable, reliable and user-friendly ULV machine available for professional mosquito control programs. It is an all-electric, quiet and versatile machine that can deliver in even the toughest application conditions.

Switching to Electric ULV Sprayers for Mosquito Control with Confidence

As public preference shifts towards greener, more environmentally-friendly practices, proactively adopting electric and carbon-free operational practices can provide public health mosquito control programs an advantage. The ProMist Dura Electric ULV sprayer represents Clarke’s commitment to providing options for environmental responsibility without compromising performance – a commitment echoed in our portfolio of green chemistry mosquito products, including Natular® and Merus®.

Transitioning to electric or more sustainable options for mosquito control equipment isn’t merely a step forward; it’s a leap toward a greener future. For clients who still prefer or require gas-powered equipment, Clarke remains committed to offering suitable options aligned with their preferences.

Ready to explore the advantages of the ProMist Dura Electric Sprayer? Contact Clarke below for more information and discover how an electric ULV sprayer machine can support your mosquito control programs.

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