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Give to Tomorrow® Grant Program

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About a decade ago, when the Clarke organization committed to approaching our work through the lens of sustainability, none of us really knew what the future held. All we knew was we believed we could make smarter, better products and provide excellent services that protected public health without negatively impacting the environment.

Over time, we’ve learned so much about how to manage our environmental impacts, and have transformed the way Clarke works. For example, our product development roadmap is now guided by what we refer to as EcoTier design goals, and we have been able to create mosquito control products like Merus® and Natular® that are formulated with naturally-derived active ingredients, no petroleum distillates, and inert ingredients that allow these products to be used safely in and around food crops. These are just two examples of what we call NextGen products.

The History of Give to Tomorrow

In 2015, we took another leap of faith and created the Give to Tomorrow® program. Through this grant program, Clarke donates a portion of its annual sales revenue to non-profit environmental organizations around the world who share Clarke’s values and passion for the planet and community. Qualifying organizations must be a 501c3 focused on advancing an environmental cause, including climate change, environmental education, food demands/quality, land/water conservation, pollution mitigation, and/or wildlife protection.

What I love the most about this program is that it’s coworker-driven. Clarke’s sales people nominate organizations in their territories for the program, and every Clarke coworker has the opportunity to vote for one recipient per region. We typically give away 7 grants a year. This approach keeps people at the center of the program, and is another way for us to give back to communities – something that has always been part of the Clarke company’s DNA.

It’s amazing to look at a list of the causes we’ve supported and the partnerships we’ve built since launching this grant program. From protecting loggerhead sea turtles and oyster habitats, to wildlife rehabilitation programs and land restoration projects, it’s both humbling and inspiring to see how far we’ve been able to reach.

How to Nominate a Non-Profit for a Give to Tomorrow Grant

If you have a suggestion for a deserving non-profit organization in your community, recommend it for nomination through your local Clarke representative.  Find your local Clarke rep here if you don’t have their contact information handy already.

Find Your Local Clarke Rep